Covid-19 And Tinnitus

Will Covid-19 Cause Tinnitus?

Covid-19 affects different people in different ways. Many patients develop mild to moderate illnesses according to the viral load. Among the various side effects of covid -19, tinnitus is the latest side. Studies are on to know can covid-19 cause tinnitus? Many researchers are finding out the link between the two.

What Is Tinnitus?

Continuous ringing and buzzing sound or noise in one or both the ears that comes and vanishes is tinnitus. The sound lasts for few seconds or it might keep going for minutes. This ailment is often associated with loss of hearing. Tinnitus is a common problem as about 15 to 20% of people experience this disorder. As per the survey, more than 45 million Americans experience this problem in routine. Some people experience musical tinnitus, while some may hear ringing, roaring, buzzing sounds in the ears. Few cases of tinnitus last for a couple of days while some cases continue for few months. Tinnitus is caused by some underlying condition like age-related hearing loss or an ear injury. Tinnitus is not a very critical health problem but you need to see an audiologist before the severity increases. The health expert can diagnosis the actual reason for the tinnitus and give the correct treatment.

Can Covid 19 Cause Tinnitus?

There have been multifarious reports of hearing-related problems as a result of covid-19 and tinnitus is one of those conditions. The latest reports of people confronting tinnitus and other hearing problems after having the coronavirus are becoming evident. However, there weren’t sufficient tests to determine if the virus was the cause of tinnitus. According to the American Academy of Audiology, the American speech-language Hearing Association and the Academy of Doctors of Audiology have issued a declaration concerning the trouble. The Manchester Biomedical Research Centre scientists roughly calculated that 7.6% of people infected with covid-19 experienced hearing loss and 14.8% suffered from tinnitus. The reports also reveal that there is a desperate need for supplemental studies related to the prolonged effects of covid-19 on the auditory system.

Tinnitus And Covid-19 Connection

Covid 19 has been associated with many long-term problems including heart damage, lung damage and neurological complications and many more. The recent ailment that popped up is hearing loss that may be caused due to coronavirus infection. The covid 19 virus if affected to the patients already suffering from tinnitus worsen the symptoms. Though research indicates the covid virus linked to tinnitus is a very rare symptom.

Tinnitus And Covid-19 Vaccine

Tinnitus is a condition of unwanted noise in your ear. It is a common ailment that affects 10% of people. The sound may stay or disappear in time or maybe be constant. Covid 19 vaccines are linked with tinnitus on the probability of side effects. Tinnitus is a very uncommon symptom associated with the covid vaccines but health experts are continuously examining the link between the two. Several researchers say that there may be a connection between the covid 19 vaccine and tinnitus. However, till now there isn’t enough evidence to confirm the connection. More than 362 million covid 19 vaccinations are completed in the United States. The survey exhibits 9166 covid positive cases sustaining tinnitus after undergoing the covid vaccine. Tinnitus disorder has been seen once per every 40000 vaccines dose administered. It is very crucial to note that because there is a correlation between covid-19 and tinnitus it does not imply that tinnitus is the symptom caused by covid vaccines.

Many clinical trials have been conducted by the FDA that concludes no sufficient evidence to determine that the vaccine directly causes tinnitus.

What To Do If You Experience Tinnitus?

Once your doctor diagnoses you with tinnitus based on the shown symptoms, immediate medical assistance with correct medication is required. The cause of tinnitus is examined to know if your tinnitus is caused by covid-19 or any other underlying condition. On occasions, the reason is difficult to find. Correct medical history should be discussed with the health expert to examine the ears. Various clinical tests may be directed to diagnose tinnitus in your body.

The tests are as follows;

  • Hearing test
  • Movement test
  • Imaging test
  • Clicking teat
  • Humming test
  • Low pitched ringing test
  • High pitched ringing test

Accurate therapy is advised for reducing the effect of tinnitus after you experience the symptoms.

The steps to keep in mind are;

  • Ear wax removal
  • Hearing aids
  • Changing your medication if required
  • Treating the blood vessel condition
  • Noise suppression practices recommended by the doctor should be followed
  • Proper counselling

Since there is no proper answer for ‘can covid -19 cause tinnitus’ it is better to consult your doctor if you face any ear problems especially following covid.