Do Masks Protect Against Delta Variant?

Mask Mandates To Protect Against Delta Variant

Delta variant is currently the most dominant variant prevailing worldwide. According to the CDC, various guidelines have been advised to safeguard ourselves and others against this deadly virus. One is wearing masks but do masks protect us against the delta variant? Yes, according to many health departments of various nations.

What Is The Delta Variant?

SARS- CoV-2 Delta variant also known as lineage B.1.617 is a virus strain that was first discovered in India in December 2020 and now rapidly surging in 90 countries. This variant is identified as the “variant of concern” by many health organizations since it spreads more swiftly and lowers down the efficacy of the vaccines, further reducing the effectiveness of the antibody treatments. The Delta variant of covid in India is a mutant strain that is caused due to Covid-19.

How Do You Test For The Delta Variant?

The Delta variant is now responsible for 80% of the cases nationwide, shown by the latest report from the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. It is revealed that the transmission rate of this variant is two times more than the original covid-19 variant. Since there are a vast majority of covid-19 cases, it is likely that a positive test result may indicate you are infected with a delta variant. According to Human and Health Services of Texas, a viral test, a sample of swab either from the nose or the throat will ascertain whether you are covid positive or not, it’s not outlined to tell you what variant you are suffering from. To determine what variant you are infected with a special type of covid -19 test is required. It is called genomic sequencing.

What Is Genomic Sequencing

According to Human and Health Services of Texas, Genomic sequencing is a practice that decodes the coronavirus complete set of genes and hunts for new mutants only on those samples where the covid test has come back positive. Genomic sequencing is not performed on all the samples.

Do Masks Protect against Delta variant?

The CDC has issued recommendations for universal masking as Delta variant cases are on increase even after full vaccinations. The health organisations are advising to wear proper masks indoors as well as outdoors. Anthony Fauci, M.D, disease expert has stated,” If you want to go an extra mile of safety, even though you are fully vaccinated, when you are indoors particularly in crowded places you try wearing a mask for sure.”

As we are aware of the situation of the deadly Delta variant, the effectiveness of the vaccination, the current vaccine coverage worldwide, the prevention strategies such as wearing masks are required to bring down the transmission of this infection. Face masks are an important tool to protect us from covid-19 and other variants. Masks mandate compulsory practice everywhere. N95 masks offer the best protection against the covid 19 virus and its variants. Masks help to prevent the spread of these variants among people.

Masking is a mandatory practice that should be followed by everyone to protect themselves and others in this pandemic.

How To Use The Mask To Protect Us From The Virus?

Proper usage of masks plays an important role to control the spread of this infectious variant. Points to remember are;

  • Clean your hands before you put on your mask as well as after you take it off
  • Make sure your masks cover your mouth and your nose
  • When you take out your mask, keep it in a clean plastic bag
  • Wash your cloth mask every day to maintain hygiene
  • Dispose off the medical or surgical masks in the trash every day after use
  • Don’t use masks with valves
  • Wear the masks that fit your face properly
  • Wash your hand frequently to keep your masks clean

Safety Against Delta Variant

The rapid increase in the cases of the variant has forced new mandates and other steps to control the spread. It is infecting vaccinated people and raising the severity of hospitalizations and deaths among unvaccinated people.

Important points to be kept in mind for the safety from delta variant are;

  • Avoid going to public places without essential work
  • Maintain social distance of 6 feet while meeting people
  • Wash your hands properly with soap several times a day
  • Wear proper masks
  • You must Sanitize and disinfect things that are being used in the house
  • Keep your body fully hydrated
  • The most important thing to avoid this Delta Virus is to get vaccinated.

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended universal masking and other safety guidelines be followed in the public interest. Do not ask do masks protect us against Delta variant and instead sport them for your safety.

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