diabetes check up-tests involved in checkup

What is Diabetes Check Up & 4 Tests involved in Diabetes Checkup

Diabetes is a worldwide epidemic. It is one of the main reasons for preventable untimely demise and certain countries, such as India, are battling diabetes on war-footing. One of the main reasons for diabetes and diabetes-related complications being so widespread is the lack of awareness of symptoms. Hence, if you have a family history of diabetes, it is prudent to get  diabetes check up done periodically. In case you have already been diagnosed with diabetes, a diabetes health check up can ensure your blood sugar levels are under control.

Importance of Diabetes Check Up

Even if you eat healthy and lead a physically active life, you need to have regular diabetes check up. This is especially true if you are at a risk of developing hypertension, battling obesity and/or encounter poor wound healing.
While your dietary and lifestyle habits may control your blood sugar levels, a diabetes health check is necessary with Type II diabetes. You never know when your diabetes takes a turn for the worst and causes a whole range of complications. When you opt for a regular diabetic health check up, it benefits you in several ways.

  • You can clear your doubts with the doctor
  • Find out more about your health and the various measures you can take or adopt to maintain your blood glucose levels
  • Getting assurance that you are taking your medication the right way

What Does Diabetes Check up Involve?

If you are a diabetic, make it a point to get a diabetes health check every 3 to 6 months. During the checkup, your feet, weight and blood pressure will be checked. Below are the 4 top tests for diabetes check up. The doctor will even ask questions about your overall health and wellbeing.

Blood Test:

In addition, there will be a blood test, so make sure you fast before the test. This test will check your HbA1c percentage every 3 months. It tells the doctor how well you have been successful in controlling your blood sugar levels. For a healthy person, the A1c percentage is under 6 percent, whereas diabetics usually aspire to get their levels to under 7 percent. If the percentage is higher than the target range, it means you have high blood sugar levels which can result in complications.

Cholesterol Test:

As a diabetic, you are prone to high cholesterol. Hence, when you go for a diabetic health check up, your blood will be tested for triglyceride and cholesterol. You will need to fast the previous night and the blood for the test is drawn in the morning on an empty stomach. This test is recommended annually if you have Type II diabetes.

Kidney Test:

A urine test is performed once a year to test the urine for albumin, a type of protein. If this protein is present in the blood, it means you suffer from kidney damage brought on by your diabetes. In addition, a blood test (serum creatinine test) too is done annually to test the efficiency of the kidneys.

Eye Test:

As diabetics are at risk of developing retinopathy, an annual eye test is a must. If subsequent eye tests show your eyes are healthy, this test can be done once every 2 years.

Whether you are a diabetic or at a high risk of developing diabetes, make it a point to get a regular diabetic health check up which includes the above 4 top tests for diabetes. This check will improve your quality of life and also prevent your health from worsening.

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