What Happens When Your Blood Sugar Drops

What Happens When Your Blood Sugar Drops?

Each and every cell present in the body does need the energy to function properly. But do you know what the main source of energy is? Well, it might come as a surprise to you but it is the glucose that provides your body with the energy it needs to complete its day to day activities.

Blood sugar is very important and it helps with the proper functioning of the brain, the digestive system and the heart as well. It also helps to maintain the well being of the skin and the vision. But do you as to what happens when your blood sugar drops? Let’s read on to learn more about it.

Before knowing or checking for the symptoms of low blood sugar, it is important to learn about the blood sugar levels as well. When the levels are below normal, it is known as Hypoglycemia. You need to check for the symptoms and then opt for a blood glucose test to know if you have low blood sugar.

What Happens When Your Blood Sugar Drops?

It is important to learn about the symptoms of blood sugar as you can consult the doctor at the right time or as soon as you experience some symptoms. Mentioned below are some of the conditions that occur when you have a low blood sugar.

Seizure People suffering from low blood sugars can often suffer from seizures. In cases when the blood sugar further drops, the patient might as well get unconscious. This is what happens when your blood sugar drops to 30.

Sleep Disturbance Low blood sugar levels can also cause a lot of sleep disturbances. It can also happen that when the blood sugar levels drop drastically during sleep, people often end up having nightmares or even panic and start crying. This can also happen when the person has low blood sugar without diabetes.

Mood Changes Changes in mood, nervousness and getting irritated are all signs of low blood sugar.

Headaches If you are complaining of very frequent headaches, you might as well be suffering from low blood sugar. If you have diabetes and are still suffering from headaches, it is an indication that you need to boost your sugar intake for sure. But do have a word with your doctor before you do that.

Visual Disturbances Blurry vision or various other vision disturbances can occur when the blood sugar levels of a person drop all of a sudden.

Loss of Consciousness When the low blood sugar levels are left untreated, it can even cause coma and death. This though happens only in extreme cases.

Increase in Heartbeat Heart palpitations or a sudden increase in the heartbeat can also occur when the blood sugar drops.

Feeling Hungry If you are constantly feeling hungry, you need to take it a sign that your body needs more glucose and that the sugar levels too are low.

Some of the other symptoms of low blood sugar are food aversions, hormonal response, jitteriness and clammy skin. People with low blood sugar levels might also feel weak and dizzy most of the times. But did you ever wonder as to what causes low blood sugar levels?

“Experts say that the low levels of blood sugars are mostly due to the medications that are used to treat diabetes and one such example is insulin”

In case of type 1 diabetes, the body does not produce the needed amount of insulin and in case of type 2 diabetes, the pancreas does not produce insulin or there are chances that the body is not able to utilize it in a proper way. In such cases, when the patient takes too much insulin or oral medication, the blood sugar levels tend to drop all of a sudden, and this can, in turn, cause hypoglycemia.

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What To Do When Your Blood Sugar Drops?

Well, one of the best ways is to eat to get blood sugar up. If you are suffering from diabetes and you think that you have hypoglycemia, it is important to check your blood sugar levels. If you feel that the blood sugar levels drop after you eat a meal, you need to change the diet you are following. You need to avoid taking any foods that are high in sugar content and stick to eating small meals during the day.

If you are having low blood sugar levels even when you haven’t eaten anything, you can try having a snack before hitting the bed. You can eat a snack that is rich in protein or complex carbohydrate.

In case the doctor finds out that too much if insulin is causing trouble, he/she might as well reduce the dose and observe the levels. Do follow the below mentioned routine when you have low blood sugar levels.

Test The Sugar Levels – Well, this goes without saying. But, remember that the value less than 70 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl) means you have low blood sugar.

Try To Eat or Even Drink Some Fast Acting Carbs – When you are suffering from low blood sugar, you certainly need to act quickly. You need to consume at least 15 gms of carbs. You can try taking about 4 ounces of juice (orange preferably) or just have a tablespoon of sugar with water.

Glucose Tablets or Gel – You can as well take glucose tablets or opt for the glucose gel. Medical experts say that people who take medications for diabetes need to carry glucose tablets with them for sure.

Take Some Rest – When you have low blood sugar levels, you certainly need to take some rest. Once you have taken some fast acting carbs, you need to rest for at least 15 minutes before attempting any physical activity. Also, make sure you do not drive or get too rigorous activity after that.

Repeat – If you find that you still have low blood sugar levels, just repeat the above steps till the blood sugar levels are normal.

Once the levels are normal, you also need to take in foods that are rich in protein content as they help maintain the levels. Well, now you know as to what happens when your blood sugar drops and about the precautions you need to take when it happens. So, the next time you suspect low blood sugar levels, do not panic. Act wisely and stay healthy.

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Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad