Best Arm Exercises For Women at Home and Gym

Best Arm Exercises For Women at Home and Gym

Body fat is a major problem for women and most women find it extremely hard to shed their body fat and have a lean figure. Different women have the tendencies to accumulate body fats in different areas of the body.

Some women have the problem of fat accumulation around the hips and stomach while others have flabby and fat arms. Arm exercises help reduce this body fat on the arms and also help women achieve sculpted strong and toned arms. The following are some arm exercises which are beneficial in toning the arms and making them strong

Arm Exercises For Women at Gym

Bench Press

Generally, considered a macho exercise for men, the bench press is now becoming a popular exercise for women. A bench press is usually done at a gym with a trainer in the supine position. Lying on the bench in the supine position, women lift weights like the barbell with their hands. This is a weight training exercise that works chest, arms and shoulder muscles to give exercise to all these areas of the body. If you want to increase the effectiveness of the exercise you should try weighted arm sleeves.

Boxing Exercise

Boxing is a fun way to play a combat sport, learn how to throw punches and also get a workout that is great for the arms in the process. More and more women are learning different types of boxing exercises where personal trainers teach women the art of and the technique of boxing using boxing gloves, leather speedballs, punching bags, and other such equipment. A boxing workout can also be done without any equipment. Boxing helps work arms and shoulders and improves the upper body strength of the body.

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Arm Exercises For Women at Home


A pushup is an exercise where a person lays facing the floor, keeping their back straight and then raising their body from the ground by pressing down on both their hands. A pushup begins in the prone position and the process of raising and lowering the body with the help of arms gives a person a full body workout. This is a great choice for women looking for arm exercises as the triceps, forearms, biceps and the deltoid muscle are all worked during this exercise.

Dumbbell Exercise

A dumbbell is a type of free weight equipment used in weight training. They are lifted by hands and are used in different types of arm exercises. Some of the arm exercises that are performed using dumbbells include bicep curls, overhead extensions using dumbbells and bent over bicep rows. Other exercises that benefit the arms include lateral arm raise using dumbbells, and dumbbell bench presses. Dumbbell exercises help the upper body area, in particular, the arms, shoulder and the chest.

Kettlebell Exercises

A Kettlebell is a type of exercise equipment that resembles a cannonball with a handle. This exercise equipment is heavy and generally used for a weight training exercise. There are various types of Kettlebell exercises where the Kettlebell is either held by one arm or two arms to perform the exercise.

These exercises are ideal for women who want to exercise and work their arm and shoulder areas. Kettlebell exercises for women include Kettlebell bicep and triceps workouts, Kettlebell swing, two arm Kettlebell row, Kettlebell squat, Kettlebell lunge press, Kettlebell floor press, and Kettlebell deadlift.

Lateral Arm Raises

Standing up straight, holding dumbbells in each hand is the first pose of this exercise. After getting control of the dumbbell and slowly lifting one arm at a time sideways parallel to the shoulders is the basic premise of this exercise. This exercise is done one arm at a time or both arms at one time depending on the type of workout and the weight of the dumbbells. This is a great exercise for toning the arms, strengthening the shoulders and getting an upper body workout. This is an easy workout and does not require too much equipment.

Elbow Plank

Plank is a very common form of exercise which is similar to the pushup and basically helps strengthen the isometric core. Elbow planks are done going into the traditional pushup position and resting the weight of the body on the hands, forearms and the elbow. This is a difficult workout and maintaining the position on the elbows is very difficult. Holding an elbow plank for over a minute or two is extremely difficult and only healthy and fit women can hold an elbow plank for more than a minute. Elbow planks help strengthen the arms and the shoulders and also improve the core body strength.


The above mentioned are some of the top exercises that are chosen by women to work the muscles in their arms and shoulders and help lose arm fat. Any exercise should be done using proper equipment and under the guidance of a trained and legitimate personal trainer. Exercising keeps the body fit and active and also helps women with weight loss and gain strength. Arm exercises are especially necessary for women with excessive body fat around the arms.