Blood in Ear When Cleaning – Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, Tips

Blood in Ear When Cleaning – Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, Tips

We all know that ear comes in one of the sensory organs of our body. It helps in hearing in human beings. While in mammals ears have two functions i.e., hearing and also for balance. We all know that ear has three parts- outer ear, middle ear, and inner ear. Functions of all three parts are different. The inner ear is most sensitive part of the ear which is not visible while the outer ear is visible part and also more susceptible to infections.

Everyone has earwax and a small amount is always present if it is in large amount that is required to be clean. But care has to be taken otherwise one can have ear bleeding after cleaning earwax. If blood on buds after cleaning ears appears daily than one should go to the doctor and should examine ears to rule out any injury or any infection. If there is any lapse of time than in future one can suffer from a serious disease.

Blood in Ear When Cleaning – Should I be Worried?

Cleaning of an ear is required to maintain the hygiene in the ear and also to prevent ears from any kind of infection. For this doctor advise cleaning ear regularly with the qtip but the gentle hand so as to prevent any kind of injury. But if one sees any kind of blood on qtip after cleaning ear than he/she should consult a doctor. Because this blood from the ear is not normal, there may be chances of having an infection or trauma to the ear which can spread to the inner ear and from inner ear, it can spread to brain and nose.

A brief history should be asked by doctor for any kind of head trauma due to injury or any past infection in the ear like acute or chronic otitis media. Other diseases are less responsible for the bleeding. This bleeding when accompanied with pain in the ear while cleaning the ear than one should not wait to consult the doctor otherwise there can be severe damage to the ear and tympanic membrane and one can become deaf.

What Causes Blood In-Ear When Cleaning?

There are many causes for ear bleeding seen after cleaning ear. The main causes are perforation in the eardrum and middle ear infection. These two are mostly responsible but there are many more causes which can be responsible are:-

  • Puncture In The Eardrum: A patient can come with pain, hearing loss, vertigo and this vertigo is sometimes accompanied by nausea and vomiting. If the puncture is more than slight bleeding can even be present.
  • Ear Infections: Acute or chronic cc can be responsible for ear bleeding. A patient can come with pain, low-grade fever, disturbance in balancing and due to pain there is a disturbance in sleep.
  • Barotrauma: This trauma occurs due to the changes produced at very high altitude. This sudden change leads to rupture of the eardrum and bleeding occurs. A patient can come with pain in the ear with ringing sensation and dizziness feeling.
  • Any Foreign Object In The Ear: Any foreign particles present in the ear can produce some irritation in the ear and can even puncture the eardrum. This can be responsible for the ear bleeding after cleaning. A patient comes with pain in the ear, a kind of pressure inside the ear, discharge from the ear that can be blood with pus if suppuration present, with hearing loss and dizziness.

There are even other causes which are responsible for the bleeding in the ear and are considered as a life-threatening.

  • Cancer of middle ear.
  • Trauma to the brain (head injury)
  • Any trauma to the middle ear with any sharp objects

How Do You Diagnose Ear Bleeding?

To diagnose the ear bleeding doctor should interrogate the cause of the ear bleeding first. Depending upon the cause the diagnosis can be made very easy. With this, the patient comes with the signs and symptoms of the diseases with bleeding in the ear. These signs and symptoms can be:-

  • Pain in the ear
  • The pressure in the middle ear
  • Fever
  • Severe throbbing pain in the head
  • Difficulty in hearing
  • Disturbance in balancing
  • Disturbed sleep

This could be a possible sign and symptoms which makes the diagnosis easy for the cause of the bleeding ear. There can be even serious symptoms also which comes under serious diseases as a life-threatening disease.

  • Blood coming from the nose
  • Change in conscious level
  • Difficulty in movement with eye pupil
  • Variation in pupil size
  • Weakness (prostration)
  • Heavy bleeding from the ear
  • Severe vomiting

Blood in Ear When Cleaning Treatment

Treatment is mostly based on the cause and duration of the disease in the patient. Some diseases take short time to cure while some diseases take long times. So whenever any treatment starts doctors advised the patient to have patience while treatment is going on.

For the patients who have ear wax, ear drop is advised to dissolve the ear wax so that they should not corrode their ear with qtip otherwise bleeding can be seen on qtip when cleaning the ear.
For those patients who have infections, antibiotics are mostly advised to stop and cure the spread of the infections.

For the head trauma and injury to tympanic membrane which causes perforation, treatment is according to the symptoms and the amount of bleeding from the ear. But the patient is mostly said to have patience as the treatment required time to heal.

For pain, patients are given medicine pain-killers to overcome with the pain and the pressure inside the ear which are caused due to damage to the middle ear and due to infections.
Cover your ear with ear covers or with cotton plugs to prevent from the entry of any foreign particles.

Home Remedies For Blood In Ear

To stop the bleeding after cleaning the ear there are some home remedies which are found to be very effective. They are:-

  • Garlic:- It is useful when the bleeding with pain is caused due to an infection in the ear. Garlic is said to have a very good property of antimicrobial which helps in preventing the fungal growth.
  • Onion:- Onion also has an antimicrobial property like garlic and thus in the prevention of the bacterial colonization and reduces bleeding and pain.
  • Breast milk:- For babies who have bleeding from the ear, breast milk is most effective in them as it contains antimicrobial properties and this breast milk change according to the microbes.
  • Warm olive oil:- To prevent infection to spread in the middle ear, it is advised to used warm olive oil in the ear as it will reduce pain and bleeding.
  • Cold pack:- Cold pack will help in reducing pain and bleeding

Blood In Ear Complications

There is no as such complications are present when any patient comes with bleeding from the ear. But one should know the cause for the bleeding from the ear. If the bleeding continues for a long time then one has to face complications. And if the infection persists it could even affect the ear bones inside the ear and damages them which could lead to a permanent hearing loss. With this, there can other complications which include:-

  • Problems in balancing
  • Frequent attacks of vertigo
  • Permanent loss of hear
  • Constant ringing in the ear
  • Difficulty in language perception.

Tips To Clean Ear

  • The first advice is to consult the doctor whenever you feel any discomfort in your ear.
  • If there is ear wax than go to the doctor for the removal of it.
  • To clean the outer part of the ear use wet cloth.
  • Use a cotton swab for cleaning but not to insert it deep inside the ear canal.
  • Use the ear drop to soften the ear wax so that it can be removed easily without any injury.
  • Use the syringe to remove the foreign particles which create any irritation in the ear.

When To See A Doctor

When a patient has a severe infection which can spread to the other parts of the ear along with severe pain and bleeding from the ear than patient should go the doctor. A patient also complains of difficulty in hearing and difficulty in proper balancing. Small outs in the outer ear do not require any medications as it can heal by itself but bleeding from the inner canal of ear require medications for healing.

So whenever any person sees blood on qtip after cleaning ears, then he/she should not delay with the time to consult a doctor for the examining the ear to rule out any of the infections if present. Because many of us ignore the ear bleeding after cleaning which in future leads them to face many of the complications and ultimately results are very bad and are permanent.