Cut on Roof of Mouth – Causes, Treatment, Prevention Remedies

Cut on Roof of Mouth – Causes, Treatment, Prevention Remedies

The roof of the mouth is known as the Palate. The palate acts as a separator of the nasal and oral cavities. The palate is in two distinct parts. The front part is called the Hard Palate. It is made of bone and is just behind the gums. The back part of the roof of your mouth is called the Soft Palate or Velum. It is made up of soft tissue. The soft palate closes the nasal cavity to help in swallowing.

The palate also recognizes certain tastes. Apart from the tongue, the roof of your mouth is a sensor of refined tastes. This is why in fine dining a waiter recommends a meal appealing to the palate.

What Is Cut on Roof of Mouth?

A cut or scratch is a tear caused by a sharp object. It is also known as a Lesion or Laceration. It is quite common to injure the palate of a human being. This can be through burns or just by an accidental cut on the back roof of the mouth. It becomes difficult to chew food and sometimes even to speak.

A cut on the roof of the mouth causes both pain and discomfort to a person. The mouth is an opening through which people produce sound for communication and also take in food. It is the first place where digestion of food takes place. The mouth is also called the Buccal Cavity or Oral Cavity. It is bound by the lips on the outside and houses the dental formulae and the tongue.

Cut on The Roof of Mouth Causes

Many people may wonder why do I have a cut on the roof of my mouth yet it is quite well protected? Cuts to the palate are quite a normal occurrence. They may be as a result of

  • Eating hard irritating foods like crisps or pizza crusts
  • Injury occurring while brushing your teeth or during other dental procedures
  • Burning mouth syndrome which is a condition that causes the mouth to dry up without any dental condition or sickness
  • Cold or Canker Sores may rapture
  • Ulcers or Mouth Infections
  • A poke from a straw as you take a drink

How To Heal or Treat Cut On Roof Of Mouth?

A sore cut on the roof of the mouth is usually not that much of a big deal. It can heal by itself, without the consultation of a doctor. If you already have a sore cut on the roof of your mouth, there are a few remedies that can help the wound heal faster. These include

  • Avoiding very spicy or very hot food to avoid further irritation
  • Applying the gel of Aloe Vera leaves
  • Taking foods rich in vitamin B
  • Reducing the amount of alcohol and tobacco consumption
  • Taking medication prescribed by a professional health care expert
  • Gargle salt water solution with an emphasis on the cut

What Can I Put On A Cut On The Roof Of My Mouth?

To help soothe the irritation caused sore cuts on the roof of mouth you can place an ice cube on it. To avoid slipping, wrap it in a clean cloth. This also ends the cut on the roof of mouth bleeding.

The coldness causes the blood vessels to constrict hence stopping the bleeding. Placing a clean cloth or gauze on the cut and applying pressure may also help stop bleeding. Some other home remedies include applying of turmeric and garlic on the cut.

Even when you manage to get the bleeding under control, you should still visit your medical caregiver. They may perform checkups and are in a better position to see a cut on the back roof of the mouth. They also write the right prescriptions for the sore cut on the roof of the mouth.

Other Signs That You Should See A Doctor Immediately Are:

  • If you notice white patches on the palate
  • Whenever the bleeding doesn’t stop
  • If the pain on the cut is too much and unbearable
  • If you have other symptoms you think your doctor should know

Cut on Roof of Mouth Prevention Remedies

Prevention is always better than cure. It saves money and you avoid the pain caused by cuts to the roof of the mouth. Some of these remedies include

  • Avoiding foods that irritate your palate
  • Eating a well-balanced diet including more fruits
  • Take lots of clean water
  • Observing good oral hygiene and using a toothbrush with soft bristles
  • Avoiding stress also helps greatly

You may notice that you get a lump or swelling around the roof of your mouth cut. If you follow the safety precautions highlighted above, it should not worry you.

Gargling a glass of clean warm water with one teaspoon of salt three times a day keeps bacteria away.

If you get your cut on the mouth roof infected, it might cause complications and take longer to heal. Without infection, the mouth heals very fast. Normally, the lesion on the roof of your mouth should heal in less than a week.

Medically Reviewed By
Dr. Sameer Kumar (MBBS, MS, FMAS, DMAS)Obstetrician & Gynecologist