How does Covid-19 affect Dental Health

How does Covid-19 affect Dental Health?

Although Covid-19 is known for affecting primarily your lungs and respiratory system, it also has consequences in other areas of your body. Many people have signs and symptoms like skin rash, digestive problems, and eye irritation. But what happens to dental health? Does this disease affect your teeth and gums? Below, we will explain what we know about these topics and define what happened to dental health during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Is there a direct link between Covid-19 and dental health?

A recent study has found a connection between severe periodontal disease and severe Covid cases. It seems that those patients that suffer from late stages of periodontal disease experienced more severe Covid signs and symptoms. This is no surprise, as periodontal disease has always been linked to systemic diseases and conditions.

However, this doesn’t mean that the virus affects oral tissues. After all, there’s no evidence that Covid targets oral cells, so we cannot establish a direct link between them. But we also need to think about the social impact of this pandemic.

The social distancing and lockdown lasted for years, and during that time, most people that didn’t experience dental emergencies didn’t visit the dental office at all. This means that people spend many months without seeing their dentists for dental check-ups, which undoubtedly has a negative impact on oral health.

Why are dental check-ups so important?

Routine dental check-ups are vital to maintaining oral health. During these visits, your dentist examines your smile and takes x-rays to ensure your teeth and gums are safe and sound. Most dental problems can be easily treated when caught on time, so if your dentist spots any issue in these routine exams, they could fix them with a simple dental procedure. If it has been a while since your last dental check-up, book an appointment with the dentists to find out how your pearly whites coped with the pandemic.

The problem with skipping dental check-ups is that these minor issues can lead to severe dental problems over time, affecting your dental health. And this is what happened during the pandemic. People couldn’t visit the office frequently, and now we see the consequences.