How to Get Accustomed to Your New Hearing Aids

How to Get Accustomed to Your New Hearing Aids?

Human ears are powerful instruments. They make it possible to hear the slightest crack of a breaking branch or the steady hum of your appliances. Using it, you can isolate a single voice from a packed crowd or a bustling street.

When we suffer from hearing loss, we may be unable to isolate certain sounds and focus on the correct pitches, especially as we age. Many situations can lead to hearing loss. Hearing loss may occur after long exposures to excessive noise or singular experiences like an explosion or nearby gunshot.

Whether you have considered only wearing one hearing aid or a pair to improve your overall hearing, you may still be uncertain about what is suitable for you. Perhaps you are still undecided about hearing aids. Visiting clinics like HearCanada can help you choose which type you should get. Let’s take a closer look at a few ways to help you get accustomed to your new hearing aids.

Be Consistent
don’t wait to wear your hearing aids when you go out to social events or group gatherings. It will be more helpful to your adjustment to wear them daily. To help you get used to them, make sure you wear them as much as possible.

The external noise might overwhelm your brain if you wait until you go out. As your tolerance to everyday sounds increases, you will be able to tolerate louder sounds in the future. This will help your brain adjust and make adapting to noisier environments easier.

Ask for Help
The process of getting used to hearing aids doesn’t have to be complicated. There are several things your family and friends can do to help:

  • Speaking slowly
  • Talking to you face-to-face
  • Allowing you to change the volume on the radio or TV as needed

Use Closed Captioning As a Guide
Your brain processes sound better with visual cues. When someone is talking, facing them can be helpful. It’s practicing the same principle when watching TV. Using the Closed Captioning options can help your brain coalesce the sounds it hears with the spoken word.

Participate in Group Discussions
In group situations, people often fear they’ll be overwhelmed by the sounds, which will be difficult for them. Hearing conversations in a group will be much easier when you wear hearing aids. Your hearing aids’ programming can be adjusted to make social experiences more comfortable by testing them out in social settings. Regularly wearing hearing aids will enable your brain to adapt to sound changes quickly.

Use Your Speakerphone
Bluetooth can be used to connect some hearing aids directly to your phone. The audio quality of your phone calls will be excellent, and you will be able to maintain your privacy. The speakerphone feature is available if your hearing aids aren’t Bluetooth-compatible. Instead of using just one ear, you can use both with a speakerphone.

Adjusting to your new hearing aids will most likely take some time. While you will undoubtedly enjoy being able to hear better, you will need to be patient while your hearing and your brain work together to process this new way of hearing. Follow these tips to help you become accustomed to your new hearing aids.