how to improve kidney function to avoid dialysis

How To Improve Kidney Function To Avoid Dialysis?

Kidney dialysis occurs after kidney has failed on its functions. Kidney failure is a condition whereby kidney stops functioning. Blood passing through the kidney is not cleansed leading to high concentration levels of uremia. In order to minimize the bad outcomes, doctors suggest many diagnostic blood tests for a kidney infection. However, you can enhance and improve certain functions of the kidney in order to avoid dialysis.

What is Dialysis?

Dialysis is a process that allows people with kidney failure live a normal life. When certain functions of the kidney fail or suppressed then you may need kidney dialysis.

What is Kidney Dialysis?

Kidney dialysis is a medical technique that substitutes for certain functions of the kidney. Your medical doctor needs to establish your kidney function level for dialysis purposes. Kidney dialysis helps control blood pressure and purity. On average kidney dialysis gives your life back even though the procedures are costly.

There are two types of dialysis processes. There are Peritoneal Dialysis and Hemodialysis.

  • The peritoneal dialysis is whereby dialysate fluid is used to remove waste components from your blood
  • Hemodialysis involves the use of a filter and a machine to remove water and waste from your blood.

These processes are important for people with kidney failure.

How to Improve Kidney Function to Avoid Dialysis

There are various ways to improve your kidney functions. If you have kidney failure or symptoms of kidney failure then you need to check your body well. It would be important to check on what you eat and drink. It is important to exercise and have plenty of sunshine. If you smoke and take alcohol you may need to quit. These ways would improve your kidney functions and heal kidney once on dialysis.

a. Diet

Diet - Improve Kidney Function Naturally

Your day to day meals matters on the functions of the kidney. By observing your diet you will be able to control blood sugar levels. In your diet, you should consume small amounts of sodium and other salts. High levels of sodium reduce your kidney capability. This also hinders the kidney from extracting waste water. When this function fails it increases your blood pressure.

Also, you should make sure that your protein intake is between 10-15% calories. Taking low protein diets enhances functions of your body organs. Low proteins would increase the fighting capability of your kidneys.

b. Water

Drinking Water - Improve Kidney Function Naturally

It is not only important to take a lot of water but also how you take it. Dehydration damages your kidneys. This would prevent your kidney from functioning normally. Even though water is vital it should be taken slowly so as to avoid unnecessary pressure in your kidneys. This would give your kidney ample time to balance extraction of urine and better hydration process.

c. Exercising

Regular Exercising - Improve Kidney Function Naturally

Regular exercising is vital for your kidneys. This enhances kidney functions and prevents kidney disease infections. Exercising lowers cholesterol levels in your blood. It also lowers blood pressure and the risk of getting diabetes. Exercises reduce fluid retention in the body. Regular exercises are important for weight loss and reduction of anxiety.

These benefits are directly linked to kidney functions. Dealing with blood pressure and diabetes gives your kidneys a fighting chance. Exercising reduces pressure on your kidney for fluid extraction functions. Regular exercises reduce kidney function threshold for dialysis.

d. Sunshine

Spent in Sunshine - Improve Kidney Function Naturally

Sunlight as a source of vitamin d has immense benefits for your kidney. It enhances the immune system of the body. It increases phosphorous and calcium levels in the body. This helps to prevent cancer and kidney diseases that may lead to kidney failure.

Your kidney is tasked with in activating vitamin d in your body. It is important that you spend at least twenty minutes every day in the sunshine. This will decrease the workload for your kidney functions. A kidney that is overworking has a high probability for dialysis.

e. Alcohol and Smoking

Quit Alcohol and Smoking - Improve Kidney Function Naturally

Excessive drinking of alcohol and smoking may worsen your kidney disease. Your kidney is tasked to filter substances that are harmful from your blood. Alcohol prevents this function of the kidney. Smoking prevents proper flow of blood to your kidneys. It also affects medicine that is used for kidney disease.

To avoid dialysis is a daunting task. To improve kidney function to avoid dialysis one should follow the above guidelines. This would help your kidneys become stronger and healthier. At the end, you will prevent incurred dialysis costs. Observing these guidelines will also give overall benefits to your body.

Medically Reviewed By
Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad

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