How to stay healthy as a truck driver?

How to stay healthy as a truck driver?

The health of truckers is a very important topic, which, for some reason, we don’t talk much about. Specialists from this field are on a sedentary job, where they must spend at least 10 hours driving a truck. They also don’t have the opportunity to eat small portions often, because they cannot constantly stop. Truckers are very limited in their choice of healthy food because gas stations and roadside cafes often offer fast food.

Healthy tips for trucker

The truck dispatching company on this site notes that the professions of truckers are one of the riskiest in terms of cardiovascular diseases. How can drivers stay healthy in these conditions?

Proper nutrition

One of the main health problems of truckers is hidden in food. Often drivers eat fast food and drink it with soda. For health you need to eat cereals, vegetables, fruits, poultry, and greens. We recommend eating fresh food and freshly prepared dishes. How to do it? Buy a portable oven and refrigerator. This way you can quickly cook food on the road and eat healthier.

SPF protection

You are constantly exposed to the sun, even if you drive in cold states. Your skin is very sensitive to this radiation, which can cause big health problems. Therefore, don’t forget to apply sunscreen before and during each trip.

Drink more water

If you don’t drink enough water, you will confuse hunger with thirst. This means that you will constantly overeat. Remember that you need to drink water, not coffee, tea, or soda.

Physical activity

Truckers are in a sitting position most of the time. Because of this, there are problems with the musculoskeletal system, blood vessels, hip area, and posture. Therefore, every time you have such an opportunity, take a short walk or warm-up. At home, when you are free from work, visit the gym to keep your body in good shape.

Heart Health Screenings

Routine heart health checkup is an important part of preventive healthcare for truck drivers.