Causes of Lump on Back of Neck Near Spine

Causes of Lump on Back of Neck Near Spine

A skin lump is an abnormal area of tissue under the skin or on the surface of the skin, usually, they appear reddish or normal. The appearance of lumps might be a sign of serious health condition whether it’s painful or painless. Some of the lumps may be painful and itchy. Also, they tend to spread with age and are commonly caused by swelling as a result of an injury. Skin lumps commonly appear in places with active sweat glands and are more common in people who are often exposed to the sun.

Hard skin lumps include bore spurs, muscle knots, and cancerous lymph nodes while soft lumps include swollen lymph nodes, buffalo humps, lipomas, and congenital abnormalities among others.

Various skin conditions can cause lumps and bumps to form below or on the surface of the skin. Most skin lumps though may feel itchy or painful and might not interfere with the day to day work. Also, some may not be cancerous at all while others may be an indication of serious health condition.It’s always crucial to consult a doctor for screening.

What Does Lump on The Back of The Neck Near The Spine

The development of lumps on the back of the neck is very common. Depending on the causal agent, they can occur above or under the surface of your skin. A neck lump can be hard or soft and varies in sizes may be small or large. Neck lumps are accompanied by symptoms such as headaches, fever, chills, and sore throat among others. It’s also important to consult with your doctor for screening and treatment.

Lump On Back of Neck with No Pain

Also, a lump in the neck is referred to as neck mass. Most of them are not painful or cancerous and therefore not harmful. However, some lumps maybe an indication of a serious condition. In case of a cancerous lump, your doctor can guide you on the available treatment options to prevent the spread of the cancerous cells.

What Causes Lump On Back of The Neck Near The Spine?

The spine is a part of the nervous system that runs from the base of the brain, it carries out certain functions like locomotion, electric communication, and reflexes. A skin lump near or on top of the spine, therefore, should not worry you. It’s important though to have a professional medical provider for a diagnosis.

The possible causes of skin lump on the back of the neck near spine include

How to Treat Skin Lumps?

Though most of the lumps are harmless, the symptoms accompanied by them maybe discomforting or unbearable and may require treatment. Some of the available treatment options include

  • Antibiotics:

    In case the skin lump is caused by bacterial infections some antibiotics can be used. This is especially common for boils, ruptured skin cyst, and boils.

  • Topical Ointments:

    In case the skin lumps causes swelling, itching, and inflammation among other uncomfortable symptoms, topical ointments like anti-inflammatory and anti-itching creams can be used. These creams can be prescribed but they are also over the counter.

  • Corticosteroids:

    This treatment is commonly in form of an injection and helps to shrink the skin lumps and bumps, therefore, reducing their size and pain.

Some Common Home Remedies for Skin Lumps At The Back of The Neck Include:

  • Regular Exercising:

    Exercises are very important for a healthy body. It helps to facilitate effective weight, muscle functioning, reduce various types of cancers, and reduce risks of cardiac diseases.

  • Maintain A Balanced Diet:

    In order to have healthy development and immunity, you require adequate minerals and vitamins. This will help protect you against various diseases associated with poor diet and help fight some diseases like obesity and cancer.

  • Honey Tea:

    Honey is anti-inflammatory in nature and therefore can help reduce the pain and swelling. It can also fight various infections that cause pain and swelling on the lymph nodes on the neck.

Other home-remedies include hot compress, Castor oil, and Echinacea among others.

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