List of Medical Tests for Canada Immigration-Visa for canada students

List of Medical Tests for Canada Immigration

The United Nations has declared Canada as one of the top countries in world to live in terms of the standards of living, and more people are looking to migrate to Canada, because of the positive immigration policies the country has, but there are a list of medical tests for Canada immigration about which the country is very particular.

The Canadian Government has planned to allow around 200,000 migrants in a single year. The reasons for which more people around the world wish to migrate to Canada are many and these are:

  • One can obtain successful migration with his/her whole family.
  • Once an immigrant obtains citizenship in Canada he/she will be eligible for free education and medical treatment.
  • The country allows immigration for both, skilled workers and investors
  • An immigrant is eligible for Canadian citizenship within three years of arrival in the country with permanent citizenship status.
  • Canada also allows Dual Citizenship.

These are only a few benefits of migrating to Canada, and there many more factors that make Canada the destination of choice for immigrants.

Canada Visa Medical Tests

As mentioned earlier, there is a list of medical tests for Canada immigration, and it is very important to get these medical tests done before submitting your application for a Canadian visa or within 30 days of receiving the medical examination instructions from the visa office. If the medical examination is not done within 30 days of receiving the instructions from the visa office, your visa application may be rejected.

Usually, the visa office will let you know whether you need a medical examination before entering canada, and different rules apply to different visa applicants. If you plan to visit Canada for six months or less, you are usually not required to undergo the medical examination unless you are planning to work in the public health sector. A medical exam will be required if you plan to visit the country for more than 6 months.

The important criteria for the list of medical tests for Canada immigration include

  • Living for 6 months or more in a country listed by the Canadian Government within one year immediately before the date you want to go to Canada
  • Planning to do a job related to public health, to protect the health of the citizens and other immigrants in the country; these jobs will be mentioned in the next section of this article
  • Planning to apply for a parent or grandparent supervise to visit your children or grandchildren who own a Canadian citizenship or is a permanent resident of Canada

Jobs in Canada Which Require an Individual to Undergo a Medical Examination Before Entering the Country

A medical examination is required for all immigrants who wish to work in Canada in the following fields:

  1.  Jobs that bring an immigrant in close contact with people. These jobs include:
    • Work in the field of health sciences
    • Work in clinical laboratories
    • The job of patient attendants in nursing homes or eldercare institutions
    • Medical students admitted to any university in Canada
    • The job of teachers for primary or secondary schools or nurseries
    • Work of domestic help
  2.  Agriculture workers who have recently visited or worked in the countries listed by the Canadian Government for 6 months or more

Where Should You Get The Medical Examination Done?

The medical tests for canada immigration is a long one, and you cannot get these tests done by doctors known to you, but a doctor on the list of panel physicians approved by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. The complete list of panel physicians is available on the website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

The panel physician knows the tests to be conducted, and once a thorough medical examination is done, the results are sent to the Canadian Government. It is the government and not the panel physician who decides whether you’re eligible to enter the country based on your medical reports. If there are any discrepancies in the medical results, the visa office will contact the applicant in writing.

As mentioned before, you should either get the medical examination done by a panel physician within 30 days of receiving the instructions for the medical exam from the visa office or get the examination done from a panel physician before applying for the visa and include a copy of the medical report with the application.

List of Medical Tests for Canada Immigration

The list of medical tests for Canada immigration is as follows, depending on the age of the visa applicant

Age The Examinations Required
0-4 years Physical Examination
5-10 years Physical Examination and Urinalysis
11-14 years Physical Examination, Urinalysis, and Chest X-Ray (CXR)
15 years and above Physical Examination, Urinalysis, Chest X-Ray (CXR), blood pressure check and blood tests for Syphilis and HIV

The Documents Required to be taken for the Medical Test:

The documents and other essential equipment you will be required to take along with you for a medical examination by a panel physician include:

  • A proper identification document which bears your photograph and signature, such as a passport, a driving license, or a national identity card
  • Eyeglasses or contact lenses, if you use them regularly
  • Any medical reports that you have for a previous or an existing medical condition
  • The Medical Report form (IMM 1017E) issued by the visa office
  • Four recent photographs if the panel physician you visit does not use the eMedical electronic system

The panel physician will give a certificate to confirm that you have undergone the medical exam once it’s over. The applicants will have to submit this document along with the visa application if they haven’t applied for the visa yet. However, if the doctor you see works with the eMedical electronic system, he will give a printout of the information sheet to you. Alternatively, if the doctor uses a paper system, he will give you a copy of the IMM 1017B Upfront Medical Report form if you haven’t yet applied for the visa.

You should talk to the panel physician before you go for the medical examination, and get details regarding the documents you are required to take with you for the medical exam and ask for specific instructions that you need to follow before getting the medical examination done. Most of the tests do not require you to fast, but it is useful to know the requirements for the test before you go to the panel physician.

It is best to tell the panel physician about any existing medical condition to avoid a delay in the processing of your medical exam.

The medical exam results are only valid for 12 months, and if you fail to arrive in Canada within the 12 months, you will have to undergo the medical examination again, when you decide to go to Canada.

Medical Tests for Canada Student Visa

The medical tests for Canada immigration remain the same as mentioned above in the table for students wanting to study in a Canadian university. The same rules are applicable for workers, students, and visitors who wish to stay in the country for more than 6 months.

Medical Tests for Canada PR

The medical tests for Canada immigration for applicants of permanent residency differ from the one that is conducted for students and visitors to the country. The medical test for a Canadian permanent residency application is called the Immigration Medical Examination (IME).

A typical Immigration Medical Examination Consists of one or all of the Following:

Panel physicians are usually authorised to conduct an IME, but in certain circumstances, non-panel physicians are also given the authority to conduct IMEs.

While applying for permanent residency, you can either apply for it or wait till you receive instructions on how to undergo a medical examination from the government agencies or undergo the IME conducted by a panel physician and then apply for the permanent residency.

In the former case, you will be required to undergo the IME within 30 days of receiving the instructions, and in the latter case, you will have to submit the IME report along with your PR application. This is called an Upfront Medical Exam. If the panel physician works with the eMedical system, he will give you an upfront medical notification printout, but if he still works with the paper system. He will provide you with a copy of the IMM 1017B Upfront Medical Report form that you will have to attach to your PR application before submitting it.

The documents required to undergo an IME are the same as the documents required for the medical test for the visa application. The only addition is the Medical Report Form (IMM 1017E) if you do not get an upfront medical exam. This form will be sent to you by the government.

The list of medical tests for Canada immigration might seem lengthy and complicated, but the procedure to get a visa or a permanent residency is quite smooth, as the Canadian Government openly welcomes immigrants, and it will be smooth sailing unless you have a critical health condition that makes it impermissible for you to enter the country.

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