Reasons to Avoid Taking Pain Medication

5 Reasons To Avoid Taking Pain Medication

Pain medications have been a topic of discussion lately. The commonly abused medications belong to the group termed as opioids. Opioids are pain relievers, which act by blocking opioid receptors. Some people take these medications because they may be having chronic pain. For others, the need to use these drugs has been brought about by unfortunate events like a serious road accident, surgery, or chronic pain such as arthritis. The prescriptions may require them to use the painkillers to counter the immediate pain and, depending on the severity of the crash or ailment, some may be on the drugs for an extended period. The heavy reliance on pain medications is hard to get through. Here are five reasons to avoid taking pain medication.

1) They Have Serious Side Effects

Unregulated or even regular opioids use may expose one to severe problems. Some people will experience some adverse effects like nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, among others. Instead of dealing with all the pains from the pain medications finding an alternative to opiates is the solution. For instance, for back pain, you can try simple yoga stretches. You also need the exercise to gain stamina. Another great way is to try acupuncture for pain relief. Try massages as an alternative. The use of a chiropractor helps more in the process of eliminating back pain.

2) They Can Be Addictive

Going a day without opioids is hard since people who are already hooked cannot do without them. For their bodies to function, they need the medication. Addiction makes you take more than required tablets as your body is always asking for more of it. The habit is hard to deal with since it requires severe measures, and any mishandling can end up leading to serious health issues or even death.

3) They Mask Diseases

Opioids cover up the root cause of the pain. You may need to know what is causing all the headaches. It would help if you also took time to take tests and find other ways to treat the cause of pain permanently. If it is back pain, there could be many underlying issues that need treatment like arthritis and bulging or ruptured discs.

4) You May Develop Resistance

Some people tend to overdose on painkillers because their bodies have grown accustomed to their chemical composition. With continued abuse, that type of medication will not create the intended effect on one’s body. The body requires more and more medication to hold the pain. You are trapped in a loop that is hard to get out of.

5) Painkillers Make Chronic Pain Worse

With long-term use of pain medication, your body starts to adapt to the effects. Increased use of pain medication makes the body more sensitive to pain. You are unable to bear any pain that you could have easily withstood. Pain medication should not be used for severe recurrent issues. When the pain wears off after three or more days, you tend to feel the drug induced pain. That in itself makes pain relievers a danger for people with chronic pain.

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