Rooster Comb Injections For Knee Pain

Rooster Comb Injections For Knee Pain

Pain, swelling, and reduced range of motion are three of the many other characteristic symptoms of Arthritis. They are known to cause great discomfort in the patient’s life, reducing his/her quality of life and health. Unfortunately, there is no cure for Arthritis. Many patients decide on surgery, topical medications, or pills to help them reduce the present symptoms. However, there are many patients who are more interested in non invasive treatment for their condition. Today, we will explore one of the most popular treatment methods for Arthritis, especially for knee pain.We will share everything that you need to know, including the pros and cons of rooster comb injections for knee pain.

What Are Rooster Comb Injections?

Rooster comb injections, also known as hyaluronic acid injections and viscosupplementation, are derived from the actual rooster comb. It was back in the 40s when it was first discovered that the rooster comb is a great source of hyaluronan or hyaluronic acid. By the 70s, the hyaluronic acid was efficiently extracted from the rooster comb and used to create an injection that was later injected in the knees of the racehorses who have struggled with arthritis to ease their pain.

Later, it was discovered that the rooster comb injections could also be applied in the arthritic knee joints of humans to increase levels of hyaluronic acid within the joints in order to improve their lubrication and reduce the pain and other present symptoms due to Arthritis.

Nowadays, rooster comb injections are a recommended treatment method for anyone who is struggling with knee osteoarthritis because of positive results. In most cases, it is patients that have had no success with any topical medications and/or pills that are referred to using rooster comb injections to soothe their pain instead, while some decide to use this natural treatment method from the very beginning.

Rooster comb injections are currently approved by the FDA to be injected only in the knee joint, and there are several different brands that offer their own version of rooster comb injections.

Do Rooster Comb Injections Hurt?

Rooster comb injections are given by a proper healthcare provider. It is a procedure that takes only a few minutes and has shown to provide great symptom relief for these patients. It involves applying a local anesthetic and using a syringe to take some of the fluid within the knee joint out and later inject the injection. Because of the anesthetic, the patient does not feel pain, but mild discomfort and pressure can be felt. The knee can feel a bit tender in the next few days.

How Long Does Rooster Comb Injections Last?

Depending on the brand, patients usually require one injection a week for a period of three to five weeks. The good news is that the rooster comb knee injections are known to provide the relief of a symptom for about three to six months, despite the fact that they often require longer than 24 hours for the initial effect, as compared with the classic corticosteroid injections.

Pros And Cons Of Rooster Comb Injections

Pros Of Rooster Comb Injection

The follwing are some pros and cons of rooster comb injections where you can follow;

  • Hyaluronic acid injections are approved by the FDA
  • They provide long-term symptom relief from three to six months
  • Rooster comb injections do not cause additional deterioration of the joint cartilage in case of overuse, as compared with corticosteroid injections
  • Although hyaluronic acid injections can be expensive, most insurance companies do cover them.

Cons Of Rooster Comb Injection

  • Currently, hyaluronic acid injections are only FDA-approved to be used within the knee joint;
  • It can take up to five weeks for the initial symptom relief to take place;
  • Potential side-effects include arthritis symptoms flare-up immediately after the injection and a mild injection site skin reaction;
  • Rooster comb injections might not provide the same effects for everybody.


Rooster comb injections for knee pain are a popular treatment method used to soothe the pain and discomfort caused by osteoarthritis. These injections can reduce the pain for around three to six months, which is good news for anyone who is looking for a way to eliminate these symptoms. Discussing the pros and cons of rooster comb injections, we can conclude that we are talking about a reasonable, safe treatment method that is recommended to anyone who has had little to no success treating their symptoms by using topical medications, pills, and even surgery.

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