Tips for Hiring Great Dental Assistants Online

Tips for Hiring Great Dental Assistants Online

Managing a dental office has its challenges. Keeping your staff happy is as important as keeping your customers happy, and that means having a full staff. Luckily, there is a great demand for dentists and dental hygienists, allowing them to pick where they want to work.

The best place to hire a dental assistant or hygienist nowadays is online. Traditional dental staffing agencies are becoming a thing of the past. Technology has made the hiring process more convenient than ever. The internet offers many avenues for hiring employees.

But not all dental online hiring options are created equally. There are a few basic tips you should follow for hiring great dental assistants online.

Choose an Industry-Focused Website or App

There are many internet job boards. Some of them, such as Craigslist or Indeed, offer classified ad-style postings for people in every industry. You want to look for a job board that focuses entirely on the dental industry to ensure the work is relevant.

When a dental professional creates a profile on a website geared toward the dental industry, they will answer industry-specific questions about their licensure and experience. The best boards will have a system of making sure licenses from the state’s Board of Dentistry are up to date. They will have a rating system that allows you to see reviews of the person from other dental offices in your area.

Use an App

There are many dental-focused job websites out there. The best of them also have an app. You will have to download the app onto your smartphone or tablet from a platform such as the Google Play Store. The advantage of an app versus a website is that you can send push notifications to dental professionals in your area. When you post a job opportunity, all of the dental professionals nearby who use the app and are available for work will see it right away.

Dental hygienists and assistants enjoy some of the lowest unemployment rates in any business. They are highly sought out by dentist offices, which means they can be selective in where they work. It is important to have a competitive edge when you are seeking dental professionals. If you use a job board that does not offer push notifications, it is unlikely that a person seeking work will even see your job posting.

Narrow Your Search

The app you choose should allow you to narrow your search by certain skills, licenses, training, and years of experience. In some cases, you may be seeking an intern to work in your office on a stipend. In other cases, you may need a person with years of experience to do intricate prep work. You may need a hygienist trained in a particular procedure or a dental assistant trained in a particular appointment software. A good dental staffing app will offer you many search terms.

Pick an Easy-to-Use App

If you need to hire someone in a hurry, the last thing you want is to hit a technology roadblock. A good dental employment app is easy to use. All you should have to do is create a profile and start posting jobs. It should give you the ability to negotiate a salary with a dental professional and an easy way to pay at the end of a shift. It should also allow you to rate the dental worker and see reviews from other offices.

There are Atlanta-based dental hiring platforms that are easy to use, like Tempmee. You can learn more about the platform here.

No Hidden Fees

Dental job board websites are businesses, and they are going to charge a fee for their services. Some of them may charge you a monthly fee and others may charge a percentage of what you pay a dental professional. Fees should be easy to understand and upfront. If you get a fee that you do not understand or that you did not agree to, don’t use that site again.

When you choose your apps wisely, you end up with a great staff. A well-qualified, well-trained staff will make your office run smoothly and keep your patients happy.