UTI Back Pain: Causes and Treatments

UTI Back Pain: Causes and Treatments

UTI, or urinary tract infection, is also known as a bladder infection. Generally, it infects the bladder, ureters, and urethra, but if it is severe, it can infect your kidney also and cause UTI back pain.

Lower back pain is a symptom of UTI. When the lower UTI remains untreated, it reaches the kidneys and becomes a sharp or sometimes dull pain. This article will discuss every essential point about UTI back pain.

Causes of UTI and back pain

Can a UTI cause back pain? Yes, it can. UTI is an infection that infects the areas of our urinary system. The kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra include in our urinary system, and a bacterium named E. coli (Escherichia coli) is the most common cause of UTIs. When you have this infection in your kidneys severely, back pain will occur.

Symptoms of UTI

It also has some other symptoms like:

  • Increased urine urge
  • It may cause pelvic pain
  • Vomiting and fever
  • Blood with urine
  • Upper and lower back pain
  • Back pain that can’t be ignored

When your lower UTI remains untouched and reaches the kidneys, it results in severe and harsh back pain in the lower back and groin area.

If you have vomiting and a high fever along with your pain, it is a situation that can’t be ignored, and you may need hospitalization at this phase. It becomes life-threatening when your renal artery and blood also get infected.

It is an emergency. A person having this type of condition needs good care.

How long does this back pain last?

Treat your back pain from UTI properly by contacting a good physician will last for a couple of days. However, some people have to take antibiotics under the supervision of a doctor for one to two weeks. It stays in some people for more than three weeks.

Back pain depends upon the time when you have taken the antibiotics or any other treatment.

Does it spread more among women?

Does it spread more in women; the answer is an absolute “Yes.” The fact is that approximately 60% of women will have this problem at least once in their lifetime. So it is a significant risk for a woman compared to a man.

It spreads more in women because women have a shorter urethra than men. Therefore, bacteria don’t need to travel much to reach a women’s urethra, and for many women, sex may be a reason for UTI if their vaginal flora is imbalanced.

Treatments for UTI and back pain

It is not a severe condition if you have a lower UTI. The doctor usually recommends drinking plenty of water for a patient like this. The standard recommendations are juices and fruits like cranberries. Whether your UTI is severe or not, you must consult a doctor. Antibiotics are also a good option for those who have lower UTIs. However, doctor consultancy and treatment from a good physician is the only option for upper UTI patients. You will get relief from antibiotics for your back pain. However, it’s better not to wait and get treated by professionals as soon as possible.

What happens if UTI goes untreated

If it stays untreated for more than a week, it can cause a severe kidney infection. The other name for kidney infection is pyelonephritis. However, when it is ignored, it can become a severe kidney injury, and its long-lasting may be a reason for kidney failure. Answering back pain with UTI as early as possible is the best method to avoid further complications.

Take the condition seriously

Back pain with UTI is not a thing to ignore and should be taken seriously. A person with a severe UTI and a sharp pain in his back may meet death if untreated well. If you suspect having a UTI, consult a doctor. It can happen at any age in women, but for men, there are huge chances of getting it at later stages of life. Drink a lot of water and maintain your hygiene to prevent this condition.

A severe UTI patient should be hospitalized for IV antibiotics. It is an essential point to bear in mind.

To conclude, a professional must treat a UTI back pain; otherwise, it can seriously impact your health. So ignoring it can be fatal. Remember, upper UTI is very serious, and if it infects the blood and the kidneys deeply, it can be a reason for a person’s death.