top ways to prevent alcohol abuse

Top 3 Ways To Prevent Alcohol Abuse

There are instances when some people have had to struggle with the problem of alcoholism. There are others who have had to be fined for driving while drunk. Well, the problem with heavy drinking begins when one drinks more than the recommended amounts and continues with the habit, it can spiral out of control fast. Slowly, the person gets into alcoholism and it gets tricky to salvage such a situation. However, one should not lose hope as there are many ways to fight back in this situation. In this write-up, we shall discuss few ways to stop drinking heavily and get back to the normal life.

How can one tell if they have a drinking problem? Are you taking alcohol on a regular basis? If so, then it means you are getting dependent on alcohol. There are other people who are using alcohol to curb their stresses. If you are not able to limit the amount of alcohol that you are taking, this is a clear sign that you have a drinking problem.

Here Are 3 Ways to Cut Back On Your Drinking

1. Avoid The Temptation of Binge Drinking

One of the reasons people become alcoholics is that they tend to binge drink. This is wrong. When you save your alcohol units for one or two days in the week means that you will slowly make your body get used to binge drinking. You should not take alcohol in large quantities on a single day as this will injure your liver. The liver will be overworked to process the huge amounts of alcohol. This is one of the ways that people become alcoholics. When your body gets used to large quantities of alcohol, then it becomes a routine need for you to drink.

2. Get Used to Eating While Drinking

This is a good way to reduce the amounts of alcohol that you consume on a regular basis. When you take wine or a bottle of beer and take a meal at the same time, the probability of you getting drunk is low. This means that you will take lots of time with less beer intake. No one will notice that you are taking less beer. It is also a very good way of limiting the calorie intakes. Remember that the alcohol that you take has lots of calories that you need to limit for you to be healthy.

3. Alternate Alcohol Intake with Soft Drinks

This is definitely the oldest trick that everybody should be aware of. It works because when you alternate alcohol intake with a soft drink, it means that you will take less alcohol in the long run. You can start with a glass of water before you embark on taking alcohol. This way, you will not be drinking alcohol as a way of quenching your thirst! When you alternate soft drinks or water with alcohol, it means that you will lessen your alcohol intake for the evening or for the day. If you get used to this routine, you will have definitely cut back on your alcohol intake.

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Dr. Bharti Talreja (MBBS, DPM, FAGE, MIPS)She is a Psychiatrist practising in Indore, India.