White Spots on Toenails After Removing Polish

White Spots on Toenails After Removing Polish

We all take care of our body to prevent from any infection as well as we do several things if we suffer from any infection. But most of the females skip of taking care of their nails. Nails also breath, they also require attention. One may not said as a healthy if he/she have nail infection. It must be noted that nail infection spread very quickly.

Almost all females’ uses nail polish to polish their nails so that their hands and feet must look good. They keep on changing the nail polish but most of them take it as a granted not to change nail polish of toenails. Which results in discoloration of the toenails after nail polish is removed. This discoloration is like white spots.

Even most of the female chooses pedicure for their feet to clean them which includes removal of nail polish. If your nails are hard than your feet are dipped in the lukewarm water which contains some chemical solution. Which result in white spots on toenail after pedicure. This occurs as our nails are permeable just like our skin. This water used for pedicure goes inside the nails and thus white spots occur in the toenails after pedicure.

For the diabetic patients, they have to take care of their feet more than the healthy person as they are more prone to infections. These diabetic patients have white spot on their toenails as they are more prone to fungal infections.

Parts of Nail Which We all Can See

  1. Nail plate
  2. Free edge
  3. Cuticle (it is a small portion of the skin which is extend in the nail plate)
  4. Lunula ( it is seen as a “half moon” on the base of the nail plate)
  5. Nail grooves
  6. Nail walls
  7. Eponychium (these are the excess cuticle which overlap on the base of the nail plate)
  8. Perionychium (these are the cuticle which overlap on the side of the nail plate)
  9. Hyponychium (these are the layer of the skin cells which grow on the top of the finger tip and are attached to underside of free edge)

Eponychium, perionychium and hyponychium acts as a protective barrier for the nails and perform as a guard for the entry of dirt and bacteria.

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Parts of Nail Which We all Cannot See

1. Nail root:- these are portion of the nail plate which are hidden under the fold of the skin at the base of the nail plate)
2. Nail bed: – these are the portion of the on which nail plate is attached. Nail beds contain nerve endings.
3. Epithelium: – these are the thin layers of skin between nail plate and nail bed.
4. Matrix: – these are the part of the nail bed which extends below the nail root. They help in nail formation.
5. Mantle: – these are the pocket shape like folds of skin which helps roots and matrix to remain fix at there place.

What Are the White Spots On The Toenails?

These white spots are called as “Leukonychia”. They mostly look like white dots on the nails. These are frequently found in the normal nails. It is also not related to any severe medical illness. These white spot on nails may vary in size from person to person and even can be present in more than one finger. So one should not get panic after seeing white spot on their nails.

These white spot are caused in case of injury to the nail bed. This injury can occur in form even from slightest jerk, as our nails are very delicate. Females who frequently go for pedicure can have white spots on their toenails after pedicure because it causes injury to the nail beds by continuous exposure to the chemicals and pressure on the nail beds. This is why it is advised for females to take a gap between pedicures.

There may be other causes for the white spots on toenails which include fungal infections, allergic reactions, and mineral deficiencies specially zinc and calcium deficiency. It is advised to consult their doctor for the proper diagnosis for the white spot on the toenail.

White Spots On Toenails After Removing Polish Causes

The most common cause for the white spot on toenail is that nail polish is left too long on the nails or you can say more than a month. One who doesn’t change nail polish frequently suffers from this. It is advised for the females who use nail polish to paint their nails that keep on changing their nail polish within 4-5 days otherwise they will have discoloration on their toenail after removing nail polish. Sometimes it is also advised to keep their nails free from any nail polish and from any chemicals. Let your nails also breath.

Some people are even allergic to many nail paint removers and nail paint which is also one of the cause for white spot on their toenails.

Next cause is the injury to the nail beds due to pedicure. Most of the female are unaware of the structure of the nails, how delicate they are. During pedicure, the person who is doing should not exert pressure on the nail beds, as it can cause injury. This injury is in form of white spots, which is seen after removal of nail polish. This causes the discoloration of toenail after pedicure. So for the females, don’t go for pedicure very soon. Let your nails remain free from chemicals.

White Spots On Toenails After Removing Polish Treatment

Treatment for the white spot on the toenails does not need any specific medications unless it is associated with any infection. Just keep in mind the following points:-

  • Remove your nail polish regularly within 4-5 days.
  • Don’t go for pedicure very soon. Make your toenails as much as free from chemicals.
  • Maintain proper hygiene and always keep them clean.
  • Avoid any injury, or pressure on nail bed.
  • Don’t wear tight shoes or sandals which can cause injury.
  • For diabetic patient, they have to take care more so that they don’t get any injury.
  • Check your nails for infection especially for fungal infections.
  • Eat healthy and nutritious foods.

But it is still advice to go at physician to rule out any other disease or any infection. For diabetic patients who have white spot on their toenail should not take it ease, they must consult physician and start treatment according.

White Spots On Toenails After Removing Polish Home Remedies

It is advised to use keep your nails moisturize by applying lotions as it prevents in white spot. With this one has to wait let your toenail to grow so you can cut it and file it and give them a proper shape. But one has to keep patience for a long as the growth of the toenail is slow.

Following are The Home Remedies

  • One can apply tree tea essential oil as it has the property of antifungal and antibacterial which can prevent white spot on toenails
  • Coconut oil & Baking soda. These has an antibacterial property and prevent white spots on toenails.
  • Orange oil application on nails prevents white spots. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties.
  • Garlic oil. One can easily prepare by using garlic cloves. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties.
  • Apple cider vinegar. It has an antioxidant and antibacterial properties which prevents white spots on toenails.
  • Lavender oil. It has a marvelous result. It has the properties of anti inflammatory, anti septic, anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti microbial.
  • Lemon juice. It contains vitamin C and as an antibacterial properties.
  • Onion. It has also antifungal properties which help in removal of white spots on toenails. One has to peel of the layer and massage gently on the toenails.

Above home remedies is mostly used in removing of white spots on toenails. For diabetic patients if they have white spots on their toenails than they can also use, it will not produce any reactions.

Mostly these white spots on toenails after removing nail polish and after pedicure are harmless. They do not require any treatment and these spots go after few days. For white spots in diabetic patient one can to think for infection so doctor consultation is required. But still it is advised to meet doctor for further any inquiry.