What is VAP Cholesterol Test? Procedure, Preparation and Results VAP Test

What is VAP Cholesterol Test? Procedure, Preparation and Results VAP Test

Cholesterol is a major concern for millions of men and women across the world now a days. It is normal for the human body to produce cholesterol, but when it exceeds normal limits in the bloodstreams, that can cause serious cardiac problems. Checking cholesterol is something most adult women and men need to do from time to time to stay away from cardiac disorders. However, you also need to know which type of cholesterol tests to be done to get the most accurate analysis. You may not be aware of it, but the VAP cholesterol test is regarded as the best option to assess cholesterol levels in the human body.

The vertical auto profile test or VAP blood test as it is alternatively called was developed by researchers in Alabama. It was commercially introduced by Atherotech.

Nuances of VAP test

As it is, VAP cholesterol test analyses different aspects of cholesterol in a more comprehensive manner and also offers a few additional markers. In the traditional cholesterol test, you get an assessment of triglycerides, HDL, LDL. Along with these, VAP blood test reveals the following:

    • VLDL :

      It is Very-low-density lipoprotein, in high amounts can lead to cardiac problems.

    • IDL :

      Intermediate-density lipoprotein- It is an independent and genetic risk factor for cardiac disease. It is usually found in higher levels in people with a genetic history of diabetes.

    • Real LDL :

    • The “real” cholesterol present in your body.

    • Non-HDL Cholesterol :

      The amalgamation of VLDL and LDL. Higher levels better predict heart disease risk than only LDL.

    • Lp(a): Lipoprotein(a) :

      Deemed as risk factor for cardiac disease.

    • LDL Size Pattern :

      LDL particles are different in size, from small dense ldl to bigger “Pattern A” particles. The smaller LDL particles are linked with elevated risk for heart ailments. Small dense LDL is often linked with diabetes.

    • Offers Clues for the Metabolic Syndrome / “Syndrome X”  :

      A condition marked by mix of various metabolic risk factors like low HDL and elevated triglycerides.

    • VLDL3:

      It is the most dense VLDL sub-fraction and hints risk factor for cardiac disease compared to both VLDL2 and VLDL1.

    • HDL2 HDL3:

      HDL subfractions are deployed to calculate cardiovascular risk.

Who are Ideal for Undertaking VAP Cholesterol Test?

  • The below listed type of people should opt for this test :

People with documented Family history of stroke and heart ailment

  • People who have suffered cardiac problems in recent time
  • Those diagnosed with atherosclerosis
  • Men above 45 and women above 55 years
  • Those who smoke
  • People with elevated blood pressure
  • People afflicted with insulin resistance

While most people opt for cholesterol test after crossing their 40s or so, it is more realistic for anyone to opt for the tests in late 20s or so. This is because complex lifestyle, stress and many other related factors affect heart health at an earlier age compared to the past. Heart attack is often called the silent killer and detailed diagnosis like vertical auto profile test are among the best ways to detect its risk.

How it is Done?

The VAP test is also done in a similar way as the regular lipid profile test using a centrifuge. The candidate’s blood is collected by a nurse or technician and then it is submitted to the lab for analysis. The test is now widely available in major diagnostic labs. You won’t have to wait long to get the vertical auto profile test results as well.

Why Opt for VAP Cholesterol Test?

  • A majority of people opt for standard cholesterol test worldwide. While it was used by the medical      community to predict risk of heart ailments, now the medical experts thinks its imitations have emerged. Vertical auto profile test is regarded as the better option for heart tack and reared ailment risk detection. This is because:
  • Standard cholesterol test is able to predict just 40 percent cases of heart attack risk in people. The VAP cholesterol test however is more accurate and it is detailed too. It involves measurements complying with newer cholesterol treatment goals. For a large number of people who had heart attacks, the traditional cholesterol test did not reveal anything alarming.
  • Atherotech says the VAP Cholesterol Test can identify those hidden risk factors for heart ailments.
  • The cost of vertical auto profile test is also quite affordable and it is now covered by a majority of health insurance plans.
  • Undergoing the test does not pose any risk to your health such as radiation exposure etc.

What the VAP Cholesterol Test Results Can Point At?

The VAP Cholesterol Test has a lot of markers and the doctor carrying out the test can explain you what the anomalies noted by each marker means for your health. He can also guide you on changes in diet or lifestyle that can help you improve score on such markers. It offers direct measurements than estimations of important cholesterol markers.

The nice thing about vertical auto profile test is it not only enables you to get more accurate evaluation of cardiovascular risk but offers crucial data that may help doctors to advise changes in food habits and lifestyle to reduce risk of heart problems in long run. They can also suggest if the people undergoing the test should stop or reduce taking specific medications affecting heart health. So, this is also suited for people who are not much aged, but are health conscious and want to evade future health complications. Taking better care of heart health drastically reduces risk of cardiac ailments. It also helps avoid high treatment costs and sending life under dietary and other restrictions later.

While undergoing the vertical auto profile test does help in diagnosing nuances of cholesterol levels in blood and helps doctors identify the possibility of cardiac ailments in people in a better way, you have to remember the reality. Heart ailments are not solely caused by cholesterol, as it is. Genetics, birth defects and many other factors can contribute to the onset of heart ailments in both genders. So, keeping check on cardiac condition periodically so that you should do along with undergoing this test.

Medically Reviewed By
Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad