Liver Function Test Normal Values Chart

Liver Function Test Normal Range Chart

We often hear a lot about the liver function tests, but are not sure about why these are important and the procedure involved it. Liver function tests are nothing but blood tests that help in diagnosing any damage or disease in the liver. The liver function test normal values are 7-56 units/liter for ALT and 10-40units/liters is the range for AST. You can also find the liver function normal range chart in this article.

The levels of particular enzymes or proteins in the blood are measured using this test. The test also measures the performance of the liver and helps to know if the normal functions like producing proteins or clearing of bilirubin are being done effectively for not. Some of the liver function tests also help to measure the enzymes that are released by the liver cells when there is damage or a disease.

Why is It Important to Undergo A Liver Function Test?

A liver test can easily determine the working condition of your liver. Our liver performs a number of functions like,

  • Removing any contaminants from the blood
  • Helps convert nutrients from the food eaten
  • Helps in the storing of vitamins and minerals
  • Regulates clotting of blood
  • Helps in the removal of harmful bacteria from our blood
  • Produces bile, proteins and enzymes
  • Helps fight infections
  • Helps maintain hormone balances

Any problems with the functions of the liver can cause sickness in people and this can at times be life threatening as well.

What Does A Liver Function Test Show?

Liver function tests can throw a light upon your overall health condition. You can easily determine the health of your liver as the test measures the protein levels and the levels of liver enzymes in your blood. The test also measures the bilirubin levels in the blood.

A Liver Test is often Recommended by The Doctor to further Diagnose A Few Health Conditions. Some of them are Mentioned Below.

  • A liver test can be recommended to screen for various kinds of liver infections like hepatitis C.
  • It also helps to monitor various side effects that can occur due to medications that can affect the liver.
  • A liver is necessary when you already have an existing liver disease or to know how well the treatment is progressing.
  • If the doctor suspects cirrhosis, the liver function test also helps to know the degree of scarring on your liver.
  • The test helps to know the reason as to why you are seeing various symptoms related to a liver disorder.
  • This test is also necessary when you are pregnant or planning to conceive.

While there are many tests that are performed on your liver, not all of them help measure the overall functions it. Some of the common tests that help to check the functions of the liver are Alanine Transaminase, also known as ALT, AST or Aspartate Aminotransferase, ALP or Alkaline Phosphatase and the Albumin or the bilirubin tests.

Liver Function Test Normal Range Chart

Now that we know about the various tests conducted as a part of liver function test, it is also important to know the liver function test normla range chart parameters. An increase or a decrease in these can certainly indicate a problem.

Liver Function Test Normal Range Chart

So, the next time you are advised for a liver function test, you certainly know what parameters and levels to look out for in the liver function test normal range chart.

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Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad