How To Stay Healthy And Safe As A Driver
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How To Stay Healthy And Safe As A Driver?

When you work as a driver transporting people or goods, then you’ll come into contact with others as part of your work. Unlike remote workers who are safely ensconced in their home office, you’re very much on the frontline where your health and safety are potentially at risk.

Here are some suggestions for protecting your health and wellbeing in these difficult times;

1. Erect A Safety Partition Inside The Rideshare

For drivers who accept people into their vehicles, it’s more difficult to remain safe. The shared, circulating air within the automobile and other factors can put your health at risk.

It’s best to use custom safety partitions for rideshares. These can separate the rear passenger seating area from the front to create space. The partition can prevent customers from leaning forward into your personal space that risks them sneezing or making physical contact. The use of a barrier increases your safety considerably for rideshare driving.

2. Stay In The Vehicle

Avoid getting out upon arrival to knock on their front door or touch the buzzer on the intercom system. The latter risks contamination because many people have touched that buzzer!

Instead, use your phone to call them and notify them via the ridesharing app that you’ve arrived. This avoids needing to get out of the car and keeps you behind the protection of the partition.

Also, avoid carrying their luggage. This risks more touch exposure. Explain this to your customers beforehand because otherwise, they may expect this level of service. By actively communicating, the potential for confusion or annoyance is avoided.

4. Goods Delivery Performed At A Distance

When your driving is to transport goods, then it’s a little different. Usually, you’ll be the only one in your cab other than perhaps a trusty canine friend to keep you company.

The health risk is when arriving and getting out of the cab to assist in unloading. Use a face mask and gloves to protect yourself from potential infection. Bear in mind that the staff working at the ‘goods in’ bay typically receive many daily deliveries and so their exposure risk is higher. So, keep your distance as much as possible.

5. Stay Healthy By Making Exercise A Part Of Your Day

We always like to focus on complete health at Health Checkup, and this article is no different.

A Sedentary Life Is Unhealthy

Given that you’ll be sitting in the rideshare or cab for many hours every workday, it’s a sedentary life. Even an office worker probably gets up and moves around. Therefore, it’s critical to make exercise part of your everyday life.

Schedule Exercise

Schedule exercise to ensure it gets done. Work set hours and when you’ve clocked off, head to the gym or out to the park. If you need to change clothes first, change at the gym once you’ve arrived or headed home first, and then out to the park.

Create a safe bubble to work in. Using a barrier partition inside the rideshare enhances your safety. Mask up and keep your distance otherwise. And don’t forget to exercise and eat healthfully, especially on the road, otherwise, you’ll begin to be unhealthy in a different way.