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Can You Test For A Weak Immune System?

A strong immune system is very much important to combat day-to-day ailments to life-taking diseases but how do you know if your immune system is weak or strong? Well, the answer is going for a weak immune system test or the immunodeficiency disorder test. Yes, you heard it right this is the test that combines examining body parts in addition to testing the nervous system. Let us see the immunity test in detail and also know what is immunity or immune system and how it helps us in staying healthy and active.

What Is A Weak Immune System Test?

The foremost thing you will encounter when you go for an immunity test is; your doctor questioning your family’s medical history to know if someone in your family or close kith has acquired an inherited immunity disorder. Following this, a blood test and other required tests are conducted as part of the immunity test.

Prenatal testing is also part of this test for couples who have had the history of giving birth to an immunodeficiency disorder child. In rare cases, DNA testing is also recommended.

All the 3 tests form the major part of testing weak immunity.

What Is A Weak Immune System?

The immune system in us is responsible for our overall wellness & health. Generally, the immune system consists of antibodies, blood cells and other components such as bone marrow, spleen & lymph nodes that act as the first-line defence of the body to protect us from free radicals and other organisms that make us sick. As such a weak immune system is defined as the one that isn’t capable of protecting us from both internal & external health risk factors. There are 2 types of immunodeficiency disorder, mild & severe.

To explain in a nutshell if you frequently fall ill then you have weak immunity.

Symptoms Of A Weak Immune System

The most common weak immune system symptoms consist of constant fatigue and frequent fever & flu infections. The other signs include;

  1. High stress, this is not only a symptom but is also a trigger to it and in fact, the weakened immune system due to stress is on the rise since 2 decades.
  2. Persistent cold & cough. Remember if you experience flu symptoms for more than 3-4 times a year you have immunodeficiency.
  3. Weak digestion & bowel disorders are also weak immune system diseases.
  4. Low healing capacity especially with exterior wounds.
  5. Other infections like asthma, ear problems and fewer blood counts are also the signs of weak immunity.

How To Diagnose Weak Immune Systems?

The one way to diagnose weak immune systems is going for the immunoglobulins blood test that tests the antibodies in your blood. There are also other ways that you can know by yourself as said, if you keep a track about the above mentioned symptoms then you can as well know your immunity status.

How To Strengthen The Immune System?

There are some medical ways to strengthen the immune system such as immunoglobulin therapy, stem cell transplantation interferon-gamma therapy and growth factors if the immunity is the outcome of certain precondition, however, the best ways are preventing & treating infections that can sometimes be a death blow to immunity.

The Other Ways To Strengthen Immunity

  • Maintain good hygiene, keep your hands clean and try to wash them often with a hand wash that’s not harsh on the skin.
  • Staying away from infectious people.
  • Stay away from smoking.
  • Drink moderately.
  • Follow doctor stipulated medicines and vaccines on time.
  • Keep stress in control by doing regular exercises and yoga
  • Regularly disinfecting household objects.
  • Getting enough sleep as improper sleep leads to stress and this, in turn, leads to a weak immune system.
  • Eating healthy which means eating fresh vegetables & fruits and avoiding junk and oil foods that lead to obesity. As per research obesity & stress are interrelated which directly trigger weak immunity.
  • Taking health supplements especially vitamin C & D however, be careful and take the advice of your doctor before you start taking them.

Follow these and your chances of increasing immunity are high.

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Tips To Stay Healthy With A Weak Immune System

There’s nothing wrong if you have weak immunity, it’s wrong only if you don’t know how to cope with it. The simplest and effective way to keep going with less immunity is to eat healthily, be physically active and the most important thing is to stay calm. There’s no sound body without a sound mind.

The Takeaway

Focus on eating more citrus foods and going for a weak immune system test if you doubt some wrong in your immunity.