All You Need To Know When You Are Pregnant The First Time

All You Need To Know When You Are Pregnant The First Time

Pregnancy can be quite scary and confusing for the first time moms. You might experience a number of things that you have never experienced before and the changes in your body happen quickly so as to accommodate the growing baby inside. Most of the times, first time mums are confused as they find it hard to differentiate between what is normal and what needs to be considered as a warning sign. Though you have your doctor by your side to help you out, we in this article provide an insight on things about pregnancy for first time moms.

Things to Know About Pregnancy for First Time Moms

There are a number of things you need to learn to cope up with when you are pregnant. There are physical as well as hormonal changes in your body and you might as well need to know what you have to eat and what not to. So, let us learn about how each trimester is and as to what you can expect.

First Trimester

The first trimester of a pregnancy can be termed as the most volatile state and this is when you need to seek prenatal care immediately. Your doctor might as well suggest you take some prenatal vitamins as these are the months when most of the miscarriages happen. You might be very excited to share the news with your friends and family but you may also want to wait till you cross the first trimester to inform you are loved ones about the same.

What can you expect during the first few lines of a pregnancy? Well, you certainly need to prepare yourself to get exhausted and you might also feel morning sickness or nausea which is quite normal for pregnant women. Few women also experience slight bleeding during the first trimester. These are the most common pregnancy symptoms for first-time moms.

If you find it hard to cope up with nausea you can ignore spicy food and try having small meals during the day. You can as well have a word with your doctor who can put you on to some over the counter medications. But never take any medications all by yourself without your doctor prescribing the same. The first trimester is also the time you need to know what not to eat during pregnancy. You can ask a diet chart from your doctor and follow the same.

Second Trimester

Once you have successfully crossed the first three months of pregnancy, you would find the second trimester to be the easiest one. Many women get rid of morning sickness during this time and they start to gain a little energy. This is the time you will see your baby bump but you will not feel uncomfortable during this stage. These are months that can be quite exciting.

You can also see a number of physical changes during the fourth, fifth and sixth months of the pregnancy. But you should not worry so much about the same. Most of the times, your doctor will give you an estimated weight gain but it is different for every woman. Weight gain is normal and is healthy for you and your baby as well. You might as well see some stretch marks during this time but these are also hard to avoid.

You might as well be asked to undergo some parental tests during this time. These are important as they help to find out any existing abnormalities and will give you the time to prepare yourself well before time. Though this is not mandatory, you can undergo the tests to avoid any surprises in the future. This is also the time when you would feel the moments of the baby inside your belly and you can also listen to the baby’s heartbeat during this stage.

Third Trimester

Most of the pregnant women feel that their third trimester is the longest. This is when you can see your belly getting big and you might as well feel uncomfortable during this stage. This is the time when your doctor will also increase your number of visits and this is quite normal. These visits will help to monitor the cervix and also watch for any dilation. Doctors also inform you about various signs you might see when you are about to get into labour. This is also the time when you need to get yourself ready with all the essentials so as to prevent any last minute rush.

The last trimester of the pregnancy is an ideal time for you to spend with your partner. Remember that you might not have time when your baby is born as you will have to devote all your time to your newborn.

Once you are done with all the tests, it is time you also need to make the needed preparations to welcome your baby. Make sure you complete the paperwork at the clinic or the hospital. You also need to keep yourself informed about the various birthing processes so that you can make a timely decision.

Once you are pregnant for nine months, you are all ready to have your new bundle of joy, but the due dates given by the doctor can be wrong at times. The average length of pregnancy for first time moms can differ from one to another. Remember that the baby will enter the world once he/she is ready and consider this extra time as a healthy development.

The above mentioned are the basic things to know about pregnancy for first time moms. You can talk to your doctor about gaining more insight into the same and also consult a dietician if you need help with what you need to eat and what not to eat.

Lastly, remember to enjoy these moments as these are the ones you would for sure cherish for a lifetime. Get ready and prepare yourself to welcome your baby!

Medically Reviewed By
Dr. Sameer Kumar (MBBS, MS, FMAS, DMAS)Obstetrician & Gynecologist