Facts To Know Before Getting Botox

7 Facts I Wish I Had Known Before Getting Botox

Botox injections became a new trend of the twenty-first century. People use it more often to improve their looks and smooth out annoying wrinkles on facial skin. However, it is very important to learn more about the procedure before trying it. In this way, it’ll seem less scary (because the fear of the unknown will disappear), and thus the patient will be less nervous during the actual treatment.

So, what are the facts every person should know before trying Botox? Let’s learn more in the article!

Why Botox Is Better Than A Plastic Surgeon?

Many patients prefer botulinum toxin procedures instead of plastic surgeries, and there are a few reasons for this.

First of all, Botox injection is not as invasive as surgeries, so that the recovery process will be much shorter. After surgery, it takes weeks to go back to everyday life. Stitches should heal, all the bruises and scars take a lot of time to disappear. While with Botox treatment, the results are visible almost immediately, and the person can go back to their routine in a few hours.

Secondly, do not forget that getting Botox with a thin needle is not as painful as having plastic surgery. For people with low pain tolerance, cosmetic treatments are actual life savers!

Besides, let’s not forget about few additional benefits injected Botox may give. This procedure can not only relax muscles and nerve endings on the face, and in this way, smooth out lines and wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows, etc. With its help, it is also possible to treat such health problems as migraines and severe headaches. Moreover, doctors may also help those who suffer from excessive sweating. Not bad for just one injectable, isn’t it?

What I Wish I Knew Before My First Botox Appointment

There are some things to know about Botox that no doctor would tell you during the consultation. You may research by yourself or read the info we’ve prepared for you below;

  • If you get Botox, you don’t really erase wrinkles. Botox anti-aging injections are more preventative than restorative. That means, when doctors inject the remedy, it “freezes” muscles and stops contraction, which causes wrinkles to appear in the first place;
  • The results are temporary. You should repeat Botox units administration every four-five months in order for effect to stay;
  • It is much more affordable than most people expect. Botox beauty treatments are an average procedure for those who would like to rejuvenate their facial and neck skin and get natural results;
  • “Frozen” face is not a common side effect. It may look like everyone talks about this problem after getting Botox injection in their forehead or between brows to eliminate lines. But the truth is, if you choose a board-certified healthcare provider, you won’t bother about this issue ever!

And of course, there are some things that you should avoid before the Botox beauty procedure. We’ll tell more about them in the next paragraph.

What Should You Not Do Before Botox?

As with all cosmetic treatments, Botox injectables have some recommendations before the actual remedy administration. In particular, they include a few pieces of advice on what not to do before the treatment;

  • Do not take blood-thinning medications two weeks before the appointment. It could increase swelling and bruising and prolong the recovery process;
  • Avoid alcohol. It may affect the skin badly after the injectable;
  • Do not have any other beauty procedures in the areas that are about to be treated with Botox.

Also, talk to your doctor if you are prescribed to take any medications. They may also cause side effects, so it is better to be aware of them in advance.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, Botox treatments are not as scary as some people think. With all the information we’ve gathered for you, you should have a much fewer question about its various aspects. If you still have questions – talk to your doctor. They would gladly help you. Thanks for reading, and stay safe!