How To Stop Sweating in Hands and Feet

How To Stop Sweating in Hands and Feet?

We often see people who avoid giving handshakes during social gatherings. Do you think they are shy or if there is any other reason behind the same? Well, sticky and sweaty hands can be the reason for the same. If you are one of those suffering from the same, you might be wondering as for how to stop sweating in hands and feet. Before we go ahead and learn about the same, lets us know the cause of the same and as to what this condition is actually called.

Condition of Sweating in Hands and Feet

Excessive sweating is also called as Hyperhidrosis in medical terms. This is a condition where the person suffers from excessive sweating. This kind of sweating can occur in the whole body or can be just limited to hands and feet. While there can be many other underlying conditions for the same. Hyperhidrosis though is not life threatening can be uncomfortable and cause embarrassment.

Hyperhidrosis is known to be quite common and it mostly affects the person’s hands, legs and armpits. A number of treatments and remedies are available that can help treat the condition.

Sweating in Hands and Feet Causes (Hyperhidrosis )

Hyperhidrosis is of two types – Primary and secondary Hyperhidrosis. While the causes for the occurrence of primary hyperhidrosis is not known, the causes of secondary Hyperhidrosis can be many.

Causes of Primary Hyperhidrosis

There were studies that showed that primary hyperhidrosis was often due to the mental or the emotional state of the patient. It was said that the condition was prevalent in people who have a psychological condition and in those who were most affected by stress or anxiety.

But the recent studies have also shown that people suffering from primary hyperhidrosis did not have any conditions like anxiety or emotional stress. And it is also said to be the other way around where people suffering from excessive sweating in their hands and legs often suffered from stress and embarrassment. As per medical studies, particular genes play a role in the occurrence of the same. In many cases, it is said that the condition can also be inherited from their parents or grandparents.

Causes of Secondary Hyperhidrosis

The causes of secondary hyperhidrosis can be many. Some of them are listed below

How to Stop Sweating In Hands and Feet (Hyperhidrosis)?

There are many ways using which you can get rid of excessive sweating in hands and feet. You can start by making some minor alternations in your everyday activity and lifestyle so that you see an immediate improvement.

Antiperspirants – It is important to note that deodorants do not help in reducing sweating but instead you can use antiperspirant sprays. You can ask your doctor to prescribe some antiperspirants which will have aluminium chloride.

Armpit Shields – You can even make use of pads that can be worn in the armpit so that you can protect your clothing from perspiration.

The Clothing – Clothing made using some fibres often increase sweating. It is thus important to choose clothing that is loose and is made of natural fabric like cotton or linen.

Footwear – Make sure the footwear you are using is made using natural materials like leather or cotton. The same applies to socks as well. Natural fibres absorb any moisture and keep your feet away from sweat.

Medical Treatment For Sweating in Hands and Feet

If such measures do not help, it is better to opt for a medical treatment. Once you visit your doctor you might be asked to consult a skin specialist. Sweating in hands and feet treatment can include

Iontophoresis – A procedure where both your hands and feet are put in water and a very light painless current is passed through. In a number of cases, patients are recommended to go in for 2 or 3 20 minute sessions.

Botox – Botox injections too can be recommended as they help to block those nerves that often trigger the sweat glands. People suffering from excessive sweating many require a few injections to obtain good results.

Natural Remedies For Sweating in Hands and Feet

Apart from the above mentioned treatments, also some natural remedies help get rid of sweating in hands and feet. Let us have a Look at Sweaty Hands and Feet Home Remedies.

Apple Cider Vinegar – You can apply apple cider vinegar on your hands as well as feet and just leave it so that it dries naturally. You can then wash it off with water. Apple cider vinegar keeps the pores of the skin tight and this lessens the sweating. Apple cider vinegar for sweaty hands is one effective home remedy.

Sandalwood Powder – You can use sandalwood powder to keep your body cool. Just make a paste out of it and apply it over your hands and feet. It lessens the perspiration and keeps you fresh. You can use water, rosewater or even lime juice for the same. Leave it till it dries and washes it off.

Tomato – Did you ever know that drinking a glass of tomato juice every day can help you get rid of sweaty palms and feet? If you are not a fan of juices, in particular, you can even make a juice of one tomato with water and dip your palms and feet in it every day. Tomato has a good content of sodium that will keep your hands and feet dry.

Black Tea Bags – Black tea bags are known for their antiperspirant properties and you can make use of the moist bags to treat your condition. Just place two tea bags in hot water and dip your feet and palms in the same. You soak them for 30 minutes every day.

Just follow the above-mentioned remedies to bid goodbye to those sweaty palms and feet. Now that you know how to stop sweating in hands and feet, try them out and step out in confidence.

Medically Reviewed By
Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad