How Can I Afford Addiction Treatment?

How Can I Afford Addiction Treatment?

Addiction can be very detrimental to your health and life in general. If you can avoid falling into an addiction, it would be good since prevention is always better than a cure. However, avoiding addiction is hard and sometimes is unavoidable. If you find yourself in a situation where you are dealing with an addiction, then you should seek the right treatment. Addiction treatment can be quite expensive, whether or not you have health insurance. There are however institutions where you can find affordable packages. Of course, treatment affordability will depend on the level of addiction you are ailing for, and the kind of care you need. If you feel you need addiction treatment, here is how you can afford such care and treatment.

Identify Treatment Options

Before you even choose an organization or institution to get your treatment from, identify what kind of treatment you need. You can either go, outpatient or inpatient. Outpatient programs are those where you visit the treatment facility during the day and then go back to your home. With this kind of treatment, you do not incur any accommodation charges. Inpatient treatment requires you to stay within the facility for the time. That means you will have to pay for accommodation in addition to the treatment. If your case is not as severe, opt to go for the outpatient and save on accommodation.

Look Out for Free Rehab Programs

Various state rehabs give these services for free. If you do not have insurance or even income, you could look for such programs and sign-up with the one that is near your home. These centers have certain requirements that you must meet before getting treatment. You will need to prove to them that you do not have an income and that you need assistance. Just get in touch with your local mental health agency and ask for the requirements. You will get help if you qualify for it without having to pay anything.

Use Your Insurance

Another way of getting addiction treatment is using your health insurance. If you are signed up for insurance, find out institutions that accept your type of insurance. Once you do, you can then sign up for that program and receive treatment. You might be required to pay a subsidized fee, but in most cases, your insurance will cover up most of your fees. So, if you feel like you are suffering from addiction, consider signing up for insurance.


Another good way of getting affordable treatment is fundraising. You could do this through your friends and family members, or find platforms online that provide such assistance. There are platforms online that you can ask for assistance from. Such platforms are composed of former addicts that have dedicated their lives to assist other addicts. It is a kind of anonymous family that will help you get the treatment you need if you do not have money to pay for the treatment.

Ask for Help

While this might seem hard, if you need addiction treatment, just swallow your pride and ask for treatment. You could ask for assistance from close family members and friends. It is better to face a bit of shame, but get help in the long run.