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Why are Mental Health Check Ups Important?

We all know it is important to get a health checkup done periodically to diagnose any disease or ailment early. But how many of us actually give importance to an annual psychiatric health check up? In all probability, this may have never crossed your mind. You are not alone. In fact, majority of people doesn’t give credence to a mental health check up, but considering suicide by a celebrity like Robin Williams, we need to pay heed to our psychiatric health and emotional wellbeing.

Why is Mental/Psychiatric Health Important?

According to the World Health Organization, psychiatric health is a state wherein a person understands their potential and has the ability to deal with regular stresses of life. In addition, the person has the ability to work in a productive manner and can make a meaningful contribution to his community.
So, if you are wondering why is mental health important, you now know that you need to be mentally healthy to achieve your potential and be productive in the society you live and work in. Without sound mental health, you will never be able to cope with daily life stresses and this will, in turn, affect your ability to stay productive.

Importance of Psychiatric/Mental Health Check ups

A psychiatric health check up helps diagnose treatable mental conditions. Any warning sign can be diagnosed early on and you can receive appropriate treatment for it. Psychiatric illnesses like Depression, Schizophrenia and Anxiety are widespread in today’s highly competitive world. There also are many people suffering from schizophrenia. These psychiatric health issues, if not treated, can result in hospitalization.

Unfortunately, even today, psychiatric illness is stigmatized in the society. This is the reason a lot of people avoid a psychiatric health check up. But if you want optimal emotional wellbeing, this is one health checkup you should never sideline.

How to Check Your Psychiatric Health?

If you display one of these five signs, it is time to consult a qualified psychiatrist or psychologist to get a mental health check up.


If you notice that from a pleasant and happy person, you have turned into an argumentative person who gets angry over little things, it is a sign of emotional or mental issues.


Most people do not get adequate sleep because of demanding work and lifestyle. If you find you are unable to sleep at night, visit a doctor. It could be due to a medical condition. However, if the sleeplessness is not due to a medical condition then it time to consult a professional who may be able to find out the emotional and psychiatric reasons for your insomnia.

Avoiding People:

One of the first signs of depression is shunning people. You stop interacting with people and avoid physical and digital contact with them.

Binge Eating:

Long-term stress causes an increase in a hormone called cortisol and this affects your appetite, causing you to eat more. This means you will be craving for high fat and high sugar food which is associated with emotional eating.

Inability to Relax:

Are you always wound up and have a constantly active mind? This is a sign of anxiety, which is often overlooked because it is constantly present. You can live with anxiety for years without realizing you are having a mental health issue.
Psychiatric health issues can wreak havoc with your life and turn it upside down. Don’t let this happen. Instead, get an annual psychiatric health check up done to catch any problem early, before it blows up and turns serious.

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