The Value of Preventive Oral Health Care

The Value of Preventive Oral Health Care

As the name suggests, preventive oral health care relates well to the phrase ‘prevention is better than cure.’ Maintaining oral health is imperative, as per dental experts, to enjoy a healthy life ahead. Thus, you can hear every expert recommending regular dental checkups.

However, many people face anxiety attacks in the name of dental checkups. There are many reasons for this, such as fear of the dentist’s chair, bad experiences, or increased dental costs.

But, the fact is that if you do not go for regular checkups, it could lead to major dental issues. Thus, it is advisable to visit renowned dentists such as dentist Dr. Thomas, who has been practicing for quite a long time. Any chewing, sucking, or drinking of sugary products increases the risk of decay, even when practicing preventative care.

How is Preventive Oral Health Care Important?

Here are some important reasons which portray the importance of preventive oral health care.

General Benefits of Preventive Oral Health Care?

Believe it or not, your mouth is the main breeding ground for different kinds of bacteria in your body. This forms a connection between your general good health and oral health. Preventive oral health care can help prevent specific health issues such as brain disorders, lung infections, diabetes, heart diseases, etc.

Also, regular dental checkups are helpful in detecting oral problems such as spaces between your gums, which can be a sign of periodontitis, bite disorders, or in extreme cases, mouth cancer.

In addition, with dental checkups, you get the facility of tooth cleaning, which can remove any plaque buildup.

It helps You Reduce Oral Costs

Extreme oral procedures can cost a fortune, and thus you should make an effort to visit a dentist at the beginning of a problem only. After all, when caught at the right time, the issue can be contained quickly and without much spending.

This is where preventive oral health comes into the picture, which helps the dentist recognize any current issue during its early stage only. For example, if not caught at the right time, an infection in the gums can lead to tooth loss, and the cost of getting a new artificial tooth is exceptionally high.

Helpful in Flouride Treatments and Dental Sealants

Preventive dental check also takes care of Fluoride and dental sealant applications. Now, Fluoride strengthens the enamel, which in turn protects your teeth from harmful cavities. Thus, Fluoride can be termed as your teeth’ protective solid layer.

Now, with age and due to incorrect dental practices, this Fluoride can decay and lead to different dental problems. In fact, as per experts, fluoride application can reduce any tooth decay by 20 to 30 percent.

The dentist can apply this Fluoride to your teeth either in the form of a foam, gel, or varnish. In addition, the dentist makes use of sealants to cover any cracks or grooves before applying Fluoride.

Helpful in Maintaining Healthy Gums and Teeth Among Kids

It is highly essential to go for preventive oral health care when it comes to kids. Dental checkups in early childhood ensure good health and lack opportunities for bacteria to build up in the mouth.

Also, since kids eat all kinds of junk food and usually have a sweet tooth, plaque and tartar can quickly deposit on their teeth. This can cause cavities and yellowing of teeth at an early stage only.

However, both these issues can be resolved quickly if you take them to the dentist at the right time. Though many parents believe that regular brushing can help in reducing these issues among kids, the fact is that it is not adequate.

Thorough monitoring with dental tools can lend a helping hand in judging the extent of tooth decay or symptoms for any upcoming oral issues. Thus, it is advisable to start taking your kids to your regular dentist once every three months.

Final Words

Maintenance of oral health though may seem to be difficult, but with proper guidance and monitoring, the task may become easy. Thus, it would help if you went for preventive dental care to get those healthy and shining teeth. Also, proper oral care will help you get a healthy body and mind, as both health aspects are deeply connected. Have a fruitful visit to your dentist!