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What Is Covid-19 Antibody Test And How Does It Work?

What Is Covid-19?

Coronavirus is a severe illness caused in the respiratory system, it affects the upper track and lower track of the respiratory system. The first strain of coronavirus is found in China, now the virus has spread to all countries in the world. Now we find different strains in all countries. Scientists divided coronavirus into 4 sub-groups called alpha, beta, gamma, and delta. In 2020 there was only one strain that appeared in all countries. Researchers studied changes in various coronaviruses and how they are related to each other. When a virus infects a person, it attaches to the person’s cells, gets inside them, and makes copies of their RNA, which helps them to spread. RNA gets changed from one person to another person.

As we proceed further through this article, you will get a better understanding of what is Covid-19 Antibody Test and how does it work.

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Types Of Tests For Covid-19 And How To Test For Covid-19?

There are different types of tests to test covid-19, they are;

1. RT-PCR Test

This test is done in a laboratory, A reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction that detects the virus, which uses blood to detect virus present in the body. The blood sample is present in the machine, which uses cycles of heating and cooling reagents amplified to target DNA into multiple copies. A fluorescent dye is added, dye glows if the result is positive and 100 percent accurate.

2. Rapid Antibodies Test

These is termed immunity tests, less expensive, and results come in 20 to 30 minutes. It shows antibodies response to coronavirus infection has been generated or not.

3. Generic Tests

This test requires a nasal swab that is taken from a healthy person and then sent to the lab to diagnose an infection. These tests usually take hours to process at the lab, likely we will not get results back at least a day. Other generic tests use saliva instead of the swab.

4. Antigen Tests

Using samples from the nose or throat, it identifies positive cases in 15 minutes and accurately as RT-PCR. This is the recently approved test that can be performed at schools, offices, and other locations.

5. Antibody Tests

This test looks for proteins that fight infections in a patients’ blood sample. Antibody tests are most useful for measuring what portion of the population was infected.

What Is Covid-19 Antibody Test?

Antibody testing is usually done only after full recovery from covid-19. An antibody test is used to find antibodies in the blood. Our body fights with the infection present in the body like covid-19. For example, when a healthy person gets a vaccine, he builds immunity to fight against the virus. Antibodies test is not checking for the virus, it looks for the immune system. It is called a serology test.

How Is Covid-19 Antibody Test Done?

A lab technician takes a blood sample from the person who recovered from the covid-19. He collects blood from a vein in the arm. The collected sample is tested to determine whether the person has developed antibodies against the virus. The immunity produced in the body will produce these antibodies, proteins present in the body helps in fighting and clearing out the virus. If results show that the person has antibodies it indicates that the person is likely infected with covid-19 at some time in the past. It means that the person has some immunity to fight against the virus.

Why Is The Antibody Test Done?

The antibody test is done only after a person is recovered from coronavirus to know how many antibodies are developed in the body. When a person is infected with the virus, he becomes sick and takes more than 1 month to recover from the virus. After a person recovers from the virus, he develops antibodies in the body. What happens when the same person gets infected with the virus again, how much immunity is present in the person to fight against the virus. If a person is infected for the second time it will not take a long time to recover from the virus, antibodies developed before will help the person to recover fast from the virus. People who are recovered from the covid-19 donate plasma to help people who are ill with the virus. Plasma helps people get better faster.

How Is The Antibody Test Done?

The antibody test is done by collecting a blood sample from a person who has recovered from the virus. If a covid-19 person is testing too early before 14 days after onset of symptoms, it may not detect antibodies as immunity is still building in the body. People who are recovered from covid-19 are eligible for donating plasma to others.

Difference Between The Antibody Test And The Covid Test?

A coronavirus test identifies the virus present in the body. There are different types of tests to identify viruses present in the body. It tells whether the virus is present in the body or not.

The antibody test is done only after a person has recovered from the virus. The person develops antibodies only after 14 days of his recovery. Before 14 antibodies were not developed and immunity is still building in the body.

This is all that you need to know about what is Covid-19 Antibody Test and How does it work.