precautions during early pregnancy to avoid miscarriage

Precautions During Early Pregnancy To Avoid Miscarriage

Motherhood is the best journey in any women’s life. It is commonly acknowledged that the journey of a mother starts from the very moment when she determines that she wants to become one. There are too many dreams and aspirations which start to build on from that very special moment. The phase of motherhood sees a lot of ups and downs. Some days are too bad to handle while some moments are too personal and enjoyable even to describe it.

The nine months of this journey goes through its own cycle of highs and lows. This is the most common thing which almost all mothers face. However, there are few mothers who are not that fortunate enough to experience all such highs and lows during the entire phase of pregnancy since they just could not hold their pregnancy. On a scientific note, the first three month or the first trimester is the most important and the risky stage of pregnancy. This is the time when most of the miscarriages happen. Miscarriages happen early in pregnancy.

Precautions During Early Pregnancy Stage To Avoid Miscarriage

Some of the foods which need to be avoided during early pregnancy in order to avoid miscarriages include:

  • Spices: Spice such as fenugreek, garlic, asafetida, angelica, and peppermint should be avoided since they might lead to early contractions of the uterus.
  • Sesame Seeds: Eating Sesame seeds with honey, especially during the first trimester, may cause trouble for pregnant women.
    Sesame Seeds - To Avoid Miscarriages in Early Pregnancy
  • Papaya: Especially unripe papayas or the green papayas are known to act as laxatives which can cause premature labour and miscarriage.
    Papaya - To Avoid Miscarriages in Early Pregnancy
  • Raw Dairy Products: These can be harmful to pregnancy given the presence of harmful bacteria.
  • Caffeine: Increased levels of Caffeine leads to miscarriage
  • Pineapple: This fruit is said to contain a chemical compound called bromelain which tends to soften the cervix which can cause contractions in the early pregnancy stage thus causing a miscarriage.
  • Peach: Excessive consumption of this fruit is known to produce excessive heat in the body of the pregnant women which may lead to causing internal bleeding and miscarriage.
    Peach - To Avoid Miscarriages in Early Pregnancy
  • Wild Apples: They are acidic and sour in nature which can induce early contractions in the uterus of the pregnant woman.
  • Aloe Vera: Several studies have proved that Aloe Vera contains anthraquinones which act as a laxative that can induce contractions of the uterus, thus leading to pelvic bleeding and miscarriage.
    Aloe Vera - To Avoid Miscarriages in Early Pregnancy
  • Drumsticks: Drumsticks contain a chemical compound called alpha-sitosterol which is known to be detrimental to maintaining pregnancy.
  • Crabs: Crabs contains high cholesterol which can lead towards shrinking your uterus thus leading to internal bleeding and miscarriage thereof.
    Crabs - To Avoid Miscarriages in Early Pregnancy
  • Processed Meat: This can lead to causing food poisoning which can induce miscarriage due to the presence of harmful bacteria. Even excessive consumption of eggs or poultry should be avoided.
  • Seafood: This should be avoided since there is a chance of potential bacteria like listeria which can cause miscarriage.
    Seafood - To Avoid Miscarriages in Early Pregnancy
  • Unwashed and Unclean Vegetables: These might contain harmful parasites which might risk the pregnancy of the woman

While our traditional systems guide us in a lot many ways regarding what to do and what to eat apart from telling us what not to eat, it is important that we should be aware and knowledgeable about these things. This would help us make informed decisions. The field of medical sciences has developed to great extent. The invention of miscarriage preventive drugs is one such feat achieved by the field of medical science.

Miscarriages are known to happen because of decreased or low levels of progesterone levels in the body of the pregnant woman. Thus, there are specified formulations of progesterone available in the market under various brand names which can help the pregnant woman to prevent miscarriages. It is advisable that the pregnant woman starts taking progesterone supplements three months prior to their conception. Once conceived, it is advisable to use progesterone creams to maintain stable levels of progesterone during the entire period of pregnancy.

A well known English proverb says Prevention is better than cure. In case of a miscarriage, the pregnant mother is only at a loss without a chance of curing the loss she has had. Thus, it is advisable to follow certain physical precautions during her early pregnancy in order to avoid miscarriage.

Some of the precautions include eating a well-balanced diet for the healthy growth of the fetus, Exercising in moderation without stressing herself, limiting the intake of caffeine, avoiding drugs, quit smoking, and alcohol, managing stress in an effective manner, getting their blood sugar levels checked regularly and maintaining it under control, and maintaining caution while taking aspirin that too without consulting the doctor.

Miscarriage is a misfortune. Often, such misfortune strikes because of our negligence. Adopt the above mentioned precautions during early pregnancy to avoid miscarriage and gain a happy motherhood.

Medically Reviewed By
Dr. Sameer Kumar (MBBS, MS, FMAS, DMAS)Obstetrician & Gynecologist