Delaying Second Dose Of Covid Vaccine

What Happens When You Delay The Second Dose Of Covid Vaccine?

COVID-19 has been worrying every nation, in fact the whole world for the past 2 years. Though the vaccine is found, still the production is not meeting the requirement. This is especially delaying the second dose of COVID vaccine. With that said, as per the earlier studies, WHO has informed that the average duration between 2 doses of a vaccine is minimum of 3 to 4 weeks. However, later new research by the Oxford University, UK is far different and is good news to many who had more gap between their 2 doses. Also, even with a time gap of around 45 weeks, still the vaccine is remaining highly effective with that time gap.

With the announcement of vaccination for youngsters too in around May, the need for the second doses has increased a lot while the efficacy to fulfill the demand is not met. This has led to the fear of missing on the second dose and what are the consequences to be faced in such a delay or missing case is the next question.

While the government and other medical organizations are doing everything possible that they could do to increase the second dose manufacturing, what actually happens in delaying the second dose of COVID vaccine?

What Happens If The Second Vaccine Dose Is Delayed?

In contrary to the single-dose type vaccines, all those other vaccines need 2 shots to be injected within the specified time gap. As per the so far studies made and understood, the first shot is supposed to develop the immunity response whereas the second shot is to strengthen the built-up immunity and also to develop memory-B cells whose function is to remember the response generated. So, only those who got both doses in the stipulated time are considered fully vaccine protected. It is to be considered that immunity against the coronavirus builds only after 14 days.

Now let’s discuss the main doubt of what happens delaying the second dose of COVID vaccine. Will a single shot still work in protecting you? While it’s highly suggested to not miss taking both the shots as prescribed, missing or delaying the second shot should not panic you as it won’t make your first shot performance ineffective or neither do you need to start the vaccination again from the first dose. Not even the researchers know exactly whether the delay in the second shot would decrease the efficacy rates. To end with, take the second dose whenever it’s available and possible for you as it will help you in further strengthening the response.

Reasons For The Delayed Second Dose Of Covid Vaccine

While there could be a number of reasons for missing the second dose, a few of those most common reasons are listed below;

  • Unavailability of the vaccine in the individuals’ location.
  • The individual might have the prior infection.
  • Some might face some severe side effects post the first vaccine which is to be observed and treated by their respective doctors before further proceeding to the 2nd shot.
  • Some cases, the person might be afraid of the health consequences.

Avoid panic in any situation as fear is the biggest health problem creator. Stay strong, be advised by your doctor of any concerns, take full vaccination and stay safe.

Importance Of Vaccination Second Dose

As we all are already aware, medical practitioners and research institutes are strictly recommending taking both doses of COVID to stay safe against infection and that’s when you’re called fully vaccinated. The second dose is so important because it’s the 2nd shot actually that turns out to be the game-changer. The immune system is triggered only after the 2nd dose and that’s when the antibodies are generated in large numbers and also the stimulation of memory cells happens at this point of time, making the body remember the dose in the long run and produce more antibodies, when necessary, like in the situation of reinfection.

It is because of this reason missing or delaying the second dose of COVID vaccine is suggested to be highly avoided.

What To Know If We Missed Second Vaccination?

Many researchers and institutes are saying that the immunity generated by the first shot will decline slowly with time, if not supported by a booster, second vaccine shot in this case. The second shot being the main game-changer is a must to stay safe and protected in the long run.

In case, if you missed your second vaccination. Don’t worry, get it now without any further delay or worry, because it’s never late as now than before.

When Can We Schedule Another Vaccination Dose?

The second vaccination dose time depends on what 1st dose vaccine you have taken. For example, if Covishield is your 1st dose then the 2nd dose is to be taken with around 12 to 16 weeks of time interval, likewise for other vaccines too.

In case of delaying the second dose of COVID vaccine then you better take it at the earliest (only if not infected after 1st dose, if infected then your doctor can suggest you the best schedule based on your health condition).

So, get fully vaccinated and protect yourself from the infectious coronavirus disease.

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