Covid-19 Vaccine And Immunity

Does Covid-19 Vaccine Provide Lifetime Immunity?

Covid-19 vaccine and immunity – there are many doubts, myths, facts and hyper theories that are circulating round this topic. So, it is better to know as many facts as possible about covid-19 vaccine and its associated immunity so that we don’t get beaten up with unscientific statistics and unclaimed facts.

Will The Covid-19 Vaccine Give Lifetime Immunity?

For sure immunity develops with covid-19 vaccine and it holds good to all the approved vaccines however, now the biggest question is- how long will the immunity stay? Is it months, years or a lifetime? There is no proper research that can answer this question as studies are still in the baby stages.

However, 2 new researches are assisting healthcare experts better study how our immune system adapts to infection, and what this could mean for vaccination.

Studies found that infection-induced immunity may last months or more. However, researchers trust that vaccination could increase the span of this immunity.

The other key finding- a majority of people who have recovered from coronavirus and later received an mRNA vaccine may not require booster shots. This said it doesn’t mean that the immunity either self-developed or through vaccination can protect from future attacks or the immunity will stay for life.

The bottom line as of now according to all the studies is immunity gotten from vaccination is not permanent and so can’t be guaranteed a lifetime. The best part of covid-19 vaccination is a person develops immunity and antibodies for sure which would not be possible with no vaccination.

How Long Does The Covid-19 Vaccine Immunity Last?

Even here the things are unclear as different studies found different results. While a study conducted on about 5000 people found that the immunity lasted for 6 to 7 months other studies found something different to this.

Besides, the duration of the immunity also depends on the type of the vaccine taken, doses of vaccine taken, age, health condition and many other parameters.

To be precise, for sure the immunity will last for months and how many months is a tough call to answer since as said above it depends on many factors. However, on the whole, with 2 doses of vaccination the immunity gotten can stay for months or at the maximum 1 year.

What To Know About Covid-19 Vaccine And Immunity?

The reason why one gets vaccinated is to increase immunity and this holds good even for covid-19 vaccine. There is an interlink between all the accepted covid-19 vaccines and the immunity. Here is the quick run through between how coronavirus vaccine and immunity are related.

As many think COVID-19 vaccines aren’t unsafe and will surely increase one’s immunity.

It usually takes 2 weeks following the vaccination for the body to build protection (immunity) against the virus that causes COVID-19.

For effective and proper immunity boosting, taking 2 shots of the vaccine at the said interval is a must.

Besides being effective and safe these vaccines also increase immunity in general and can save one from other deadly infections and illnesses.

Apart from increasing immunity they also increase one’s’ ability to withstand if affected due to the virus.

As immunity increases with covid vaccine shots the chances of spreading to others decreases.

Although immunity increases, side effects after vaccination cannot be ruled out. The side effects that appear will subside after a few days.

Pregnant women can also take vaccines as they increase immunity in general which is very important for carrying a woman.

Can You Still Get Covid-19 After First Vaccination?

Yes, it is possible to get infected with COVID-19 even after the first shot. Chances cannot be ruled out to be infected between the first and second shots.

In case you get affected with the virus after the first shot it is better not to go for the second dose till you are cured. Make sure you get the second dose only after you are completely cured.

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Can You Still Get Covid-19 After A Second Dose Of Vaccination?

Yes, it has been noted that a few people across the globe fell prey to the virus even after having the 2 jabs of different vaccines. However, one should note that with 2 doses of vaccine, be it any, the chances of severity are reduced if affected and also the chances of getting corona are minimized but not completely nullified.

All said and done one should remember that Covid-19 vaccine and immunity are closely related but still one should also bear in mind that vaccination doesn’t completely save you from the virus. So, all precautions should be followed.

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