Things You Should Know Buy Contour Test Strips

5 Things You Should Know About Buying Contour Test Strips

People with diabetes cannot do without a good glucose monitoring system because they have to check their sugar level a couple of times within the day. These glucose self-testing kits come with contour test strips. You can also find them online these days. That is why proper checking of the products is needed else your health and your budget will be in jeopardy. Read on below for some things you should know about buying contour test strips.

1. Check The Box for Expiration Date

Results using contour test strips beyond expiration date are not reliable. It is your health at stake, so would you risk it by using expired contour test strips? There have been many observations that using contour test strips beyond expiration date give false results. For accuracy as well as safety reasons, do not use expired contour test strips. To make sure that your strips don’t expire soon.

Buy Only Those That Are Labelled 6 Months To A Year Expiration Date

2. Let The Contour Test Strips Adjust to The Surroundings

Allow your glucose meter and the contour test strips to adjust to the temperature of the surroundings before taking a reading. A period of 20 mins is ample time for the meter and the strips to adjust to the temperature to make an accurate blood glucose test.

Also, Make Sure To Store Your Contour Test Strips In A Cool, Dry Environment

It is best if they are stored in their original bottle and sealed tightly to keep humidity away which may damage the contour test strips.

3. Look For The Factory Seal on The Box

When buying your contour test strips, make sure that it still has the original factory seal. If you are just lax on this simple detail, you might find yourself a victim of mean people who change original strips to expired ones and have the good ones to themselves. You will eventually find yourself at the losing end, both health and budget will go down the drain.

4. Make Sure Your Contour Test Strips Fit Your Glucose Meter

When you buy your contour test strips, check thoroughly if it is compatible with your glucose meter. Not all test strips of the same brand as your glucose meter fit. It is advised that you read the instructions properly to know vital information such as the type of contour test strips to use.

5. Contour Test Strips Are For Single Use Only

Contour test strips can only be used once. Do not use a test strip which looks used or damaged or it may give you a false reading. Glucose monitoring kits come with a glucose meter which can be used repeatedly and a bottle of contour test strips which will eventually run out from daily use. Contour test strips are available in pharmacies but can be bought cheaper and in bulk online. Just make sure to look for reliable online stores to buy from.

For people diagnosed with diabetes, glucose monitoring is a part of the daily routine. Making sure that the instruments and the accessories you use to measure your blood glucose levels each day are equally as important as how you value your health. Hopefully, you have been guided enough with the right information and proper handling of your contour test strips.

Medically Reviewed By
Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad