Can Constipation Cause Back Pain and Leg Pain

Can Constipation Cause Back Pain and Leg Pain?

Medically constipation can be described as fewer than three stools per week and the extreme form of constipation being less than a single stool in a week. It simply means irregular passage of feces. It may also refer to hard stools, straining while passing them or a feeling of incomplete evacuation after a bowel movement. People with constipation tends to have back or leg pain, many wonders! Can constipation cause back pain and leg pain?

It manifests itself with symptoms like having lower abdominal uneasiness, feeling that one has not fully emptied their bowels even going to the toilet that is having an incomplete evacuation feeling, having difficulties with bowel movements, having small or tiny feces, having rectal bleeding due to hard feces and having physiological stress which is the constant feeling one needs to go to the toilet to pass bowel.

Constipation mainly happens when there is relatively a slower movement of the bowel through the large intestines. It may due to two main conditions which affect the colon known as colonic inertia and pelvic floor dysfunction.

Causes of Constipation

  • Some medications
  • Having poor bowel habits
  • Intake of low fiber diets
  • Abusing laxatives
  • If one has a hormonal disorder
  • Having a high level of estrogen and progesterone for expectant women

If an individual is faced by this condition, they should look for medical care.

Can Constipation Cause Back Pain?

Usually, it is known that constipation is related to having difficulties in passing feces and having hard or painful stools. Constipation can be associated with back pain through the two may sound unrelated, chances are that the pain on ones back is due to constipation. This then gives the answer to the question that constipation does cause back pain.

Even the minor cases of a person suffering from constipation to the more extreme cases can be attributed to back pain and uneasiness. Constipation mainly leads to issues with one’s bowels, but at times it leads to issues with their backs.

Constipation and Back Pain

Constipation comes with the difficulty in evacuating feces and a lot of straining is needed to be able to evacuate the feces. As the feces are not passed regularly, the fecal matter may get accumulated in the body system. When the Hard feces accumulate it can lead to the uneasiness a person gets, this may in turn, lead to more straining of the body system, this forces a person to require more additional effort during the passing of the feces. The body system requires pushing the fecal matter while excreting feces, while using the extra force to get rid of the hard feces tends to ultimately cause strain on the back muscles.

Back is a very important part of the body system that facilitates various movements and is easily susceptible to pain and uneasiness. When the back muscles are excessively strained due to constipation can also lead to pain in the back on one side.

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What To Do If Constipation Causes Back Pain?

When the back pain crops up due to any factor it should be treated properly. Nevertheless, if constipation occurs in a person who has back pain, managing the constipation can assist to a great extent.

At most times, it is perceived that other predisposing factors of back pain which include earlier injuries, straining the muscles, intervertebral disc issues etc. may accompany constipation. Thus, treatment of constipation on top of other additional health conditions is recommended.

When the condition happens it can be cured using drugs. Treatment of the root causes of constipation is correspondingly important. It is highly worthwhile to look for medical advice and adhere to it promptly. The prevention and management of constipation requires minor changes, especially in a person’s lifestyle. The changes may include

Drinking Large Amounts of Water and Fluids – At a minimum, a person should ensure drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water is per day. Unique adherence to the routine must be done especially during the summer season and/or when playing, working out at the gym or being involved in sports activities.

Adequate Roughage to a Person’s Meals – They include meals such as whole grain meals for breakfast and suppertimes. Add adequate and appropriate quantities of fruits and vegetables in the meals. Avoid food substances that lead to constipation or gastric issues.

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Can Constipation Cause Leg Pain?

At most times pain which may be felt in the legs may not be always be typically linked to constipation. Though constipation may tend to lead to leg pain, which in turn causes pain or uneasiness in other areas of the body.
Constipation Symptoms may include pain in the back, buttocks, and down to one of the legs. The pain is usually sharp and dull, which can be described as the same as that from pins and needles. It can also lead to numbness in the leg. Thus, constipation may lead to leg pains but not directly.

What to do if Constipation Causes Leg Pain?

One needs to ensure that they do maintain a healthy schedule which includes passage of bowel schedule. There is a need to visit the toilet to pass bowel without ignoring the urge.

Being active and doing exercises as often as possible especially during the day. Some Light exercises such as yoga or walking can be easily taken up. One can also look for medical advice if so needed.


The solution for people with either legs ache or back pain depends on the underlying cause. If the cause is constipation home remedy can be applied. However, other times they require medical attention if the condition get worse. For those who were wondering if constipation can cause back pain and leg pain you the answer now.

Medically Reviewed By
Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad