What Supplements Can Fight Covid

What Supplements Are Needed To Fight COVID?

With the COVID-19 breakdown that has been putting numerous tell-tale symptoms, from very mild cold or fever to severe symptoms, it turned out to be very crucial to know about different supplements, diet changes and lifestyle improvements apart from the WHO protocol, to stay safe and healthy. As of now, there are no approved supplements that work against COVID-19 directly but instead, there are those that work against the symptoms. With that arises the thought, ‘what supplements can fight against COVID’.

As always it is better to prevent in the first step itself rather than the cure later, there are multiple ways to prevent COVID impact – by staying safe, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, improving sleep, etc. Because after all, these would help in improving your immune system that alone could best help you in keeping those diseases away. However, research studies also say that our diet at times can be supplemented by a few vitamins, herbs, minerals and few other such substances that would also aid in improving the immunity power and thus potentially fight against illnesses.

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But be aware that certain supplements counteract with other medications and as well some supplements may not go well for people with medical conditions. So, it’s highly suggested to inform your doctor before you start any supplements. Before we further proceed and know the list of what supplements can fight against COVID, it is also better to understand if on the first note, can supplements fight against COVID.

Can Supplements Fight Against COVID?

Although doctors themselves are not sure if supplements may or may fight against the coronavirus, here is what we know as of now. Many experts say supplements may show their impact on the severity of the symptoms caused in case of some other viral infections, whereas, in the case of coronavirus, no one knows yet completely and exactly for sure. Doctors, scientists, experts, and many others as such, still aren’t clear and have many questions that are still unanswered about the new coronavirus. Because the data that is handy is very sparse to get the questions cleared. Many of those thinking that ramping up the immune system globally to fight against any to every germ is considered a flawed concept by many. Because our immune system is designed to respond to any foreign invader kind of things in our body and clear them off from the body. Instead, if the immune system is too much active, it would certainly attack one’s own tissues as observed in few autoimmune diseases. But the malnourished population can to some extent benefit from supplements if properly used and followed.

Above all, a top research done on a very large population figured out that in women – probiotics, multivitamins, vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids are assisting in lowering the risk of COVID infection. Whereas, Vitamin C, garlic and zinc supplements were not observed as associated with a lower COVID risk. But this finding is self-reported by the individuals and may include many other factors to take into account and is considered only preliminary. So, some more controlled trial data is required before concluding the effect of supplements in protecting against the COVID-19 virus. However, many still say that the impact of symptoms and the severity of the disease can be reduced with certain vitamins and supplements.

Now with that said let’s understand what supplements can fight COVID.

List Of Best Supplements To Fight Against COVID

Here is a complete list of supplements that can be used to either control the severity of the coronavirus but be sure that all these vitamins and supplements are prescribed only by your healthcare professional who is very much aware of your complete health conditions.

Vitamin C

VItamin C is the best immunity-boosting supplement that can best help in controlling inflammation too.

Vitamin D

This vitamin is well known to be unavailable in adequate quantities in our food and so is to be taken as a supplement only.


Zinc perhaps is the one among those best supplements available to help boost the immune system and plays a very important role in the immunity response to pathogens.

B Complex Multivitamins

B6 and B12 are good immunity boosters. They are on the top list that one may consider as a supplement.

Irrespective of the way they are consumed, either as a whole food or as a medicine, the supplements like Elderberry, mushrooms, Propolis, Acai berry, etc, are healthy body supporters and support improve your immune system.

Many other supplements apart from the ones listed above that help improve the performance of the immune system are Astragalus, Selenium, Garlic, Andrographis, Licorice, Pelargonium sidoides, Curcumin, Echinacea, Propolis, etc.

Before choosing any supplement, be sure to consider your age, gender, diet and health conditions to be pre-informed.

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