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Spectracell Micronutrient Test – Measuring The Nutrient Level In Your Body

Do you plan to evaluate the functional shortcomings at the cellular level? The Spectracell Micronutrient Test will aid you to get a complete analysis of nutrition and the deficiencies in your body. The test will assess how your body makes use of the antioxidants, metabolites, amino fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. With the presence of such nutrients, your body can produce the required enzymes, hormones and other elements demanded proper growth and health.

The Emergence of Conditions Due to Lack of Micronutrients

When your body is unable to absorb or get the adequate amount of nutrition from the food you eat, it leads to Nutrient Deficiency. The deficiency in nutrient is not an excellent condition for your overall health. When you are deficient in micronutrients, it can give rise to so many clinical states, including metabolic and immunological disorders. They include

A Process of The Testing

Spectracell Micronutrient testing is recommended in order to evaluate the nutritional deficiencies in your body. You need to visit the clinic in order to undergo the testing. This is basically a simple blood test where a blood collector will extract your blood for a testing sample. 

In some situations, you can demand for home collection of blood as well. Customized preventive measures are provided for those patients with early detection of the micronutrient deficiencies. The treatment is provided based on your biochemical formation of the body.

The Spectracell Micronutrient Test is Scientifically Very Advanced

Before the Spectracell Micronutrient analysis scan came into the market, the diagnosis was based on the static nutrient levels in serum. The static serum levels don’t necessarily always provided with the precise assessment of cell metabolism and utilization. It won’t be wrong to mention that the Spectracell test is way more advanced than any other lab examinations that are held.

The advanced test has the potential to get access to the intracellular scientific needs of the presence of the nutrients. The micronutrients have to play a very vital role in your overall wellness and health. It is a powerful and useful clinical assessment tool for measuring and analyzing the biochemical functions of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, etc., in your body.

What Makes the Spectracell Micronutrient Testing so Unique?

As per the scientific evidence are concerned, it is the white blood cells that can display the most accurate analysis of the deficiencies of nutrients in your body. Thanks to the Spectracell Micronutrient Test for measuring the functions of the nutrients directly with the white blood cells, particularly, the T-Lymphocytes. The whole analysis will give you the complete picture of the nutrient level in your body before the test ranging from three months to a year. While you are undergoing this test fasting is not necessary.

The Spectracell Micronutrient analysis is no doubt a comprehensive scanning method. It has the capability to determine the 35 nutritional elements, including the antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, etc. Because of the advanced patent technology of Spectracell testing method, you also gain knowledge on the performance or the functioning of the immune system and the antioxidants in your body. You understand the assessments with cardiovascular, hormonal and thyroid as well when asked for an additional test.

Why Should you Monitor The Levels of Micronutrients in Your Body?

The presence of the nutrients in your body forms the strong base of your health. Every micronutrient plays a role in the optimal cellular function. When a few of the cells don’t function at its optimized level, your health gets compromised. If you want to enjoy and maintain the optimal health long term, it is essential to identify and fix the deficiencies.

The nutrient deficiencies from one person to the other differs. This is because we all have the unique biochemical formation. When your test result shows that you lack vitamin, it might not just because of your dieting. It has several factors to take into account. They include

  • Medications
  • Health conditions
  • Age
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Metabolism
  • Absorption rate

Spectracell Micronutrient Test Result

When you undergo the micronutrient scanning, you will receive personalized lab results based on your body’s condition. The result includes the list of the deficiencies your body has. The result or the report that identifies your body’s nutrient deficiencies are easy to read and understand numeric figures and graphical representations.

Based on the IMMUNIDEX (Immune Response Score) your cell-intermediate immune system function can be measured or evaluated. The higher the IMMUNIDEX Score, the better is your chance of responding efficiently to the pathogens, allergens and other threats to your body

Seeking an Expert’s Opinion is Always Suggested

In order to carry out the nutrient deficiency test, it is still recommended that you must request the information from a Spectracell physician. She or he will help you a lot & provide more details about the Spectracell Micronutrient test and the other related elements. Within three weeks duration, you receive the test results that are quite easy to read and even understand even by the patients.

Medically Reviewed By
Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad