FSH in Pregnancy

What Is A Normal FSH Level To Get Pregnant?

It is the joy of every woman who has attained the age of production to bear children and bring them up. The happiness of pregnancy is culminated by holding you champ unto your laps and seeing the child grow. Unfortunately not all get pregnancy easily, some because of having low or high FSH may delay or fail to be pregnant. It is highly recommended for every woman who is anticipating getting pregnant first to know the FSH level.

FSH Hormone

FSH is a short form of Follicle Stimulating Hormone. It is a hormone among many produced by pituitary glands. FSH is an essential part of both men and women reproduction system. It helps in the testing of fertility. It is an ovary stimulator and assists in the production of mature eggs. To women, it regulates the menstrual cycle while to men it helps in sperm production. It helps in taking care of the many functioning of many parts of the body which are essential along with luteinizing hormone.

Role of FSH During Pregnancy

A person fertility status is directly tied to their FSH levels

FSH has Significant Parts During pregnancy. These may Include

  • It helps in a prediction of your fertility
  • Triggers ovulation whereby when the mind senses a need for ovary production of eggs that are matured it releases FSH.
  • It is a hormone among many produced by pituitary glands that are responsible for ovary stimulation and production of matured eggs for women.
  • The amount of FSH along with other hormones like Luteinizing, Estrogen, and prostegerone helps in measuring why a couple is can’t get pregnant
  • It helps in detecting any problem during pregnancy
  • It helps in the formation of placenta especially during the early months of pregnancy

FSH Levels During Pregnancy

Knowing your FSH level is very crucial during pregnancy. The process of reproduction can be affected by fluctuations of FSH levels directly or indirectly. Genetically or hereditary can be a cause of these variations. To maintain the required level of treatment like hormone replacement therapy can be offered. Through testing the accurate levels how if the ovaries are working or can help in determining the cause of irregular menstrual cycle or infertility.

1. Normal FSH Levels

The ideal or normal FSH level during pregnancy is 2mlU/ml but because when one is pregnant there a lot of changes that happens to the body, so the FSH levels keep fluctuating from 3mlU/ml to 10mlU/ml as the pregnancy progresses. During the early months of pregnancy, FSH helps in the formation of the placenta.

2. High FSH Levels

During the postmenopausal stage, a high FSH level is common among a woman who in return establishes a relationship that is peculiar to it and menopause. For the young women who want to conceive this might be an alarming situation. These increase or high levels at an early age are an indication of ovarian depletion, a reserve that is related to menopause and this offers problems to conceiving and getting pregnant. Due to the condition, the body may not be able to receive drugs thus causing problems in the treatment of infertility. Chances are for a few to conceive compared to many.

3. Low FSH Levels

Low FSH levels are caused by malfunctioning of pituitary glands-hypopituitarism a syndrome known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) may be a result that hinders follicle development which leads to failure in egg maturity. Also, this may as a result of irregular menstrual cycle functioning of reproductive organs that is abnormal, and this may lead to infertility.

Knowing your FSH level is important since it shows how fertile one is. Your body FSH level correlates directly to the ovarian reserve. In the attempt to help in the stimulation of ovarian function when your ovarian reserve dwindles, there is compensation of more FSH through the body. High levels show Menopause is approaching while low FSH levels impact fertility which results in cycles of reproduction.

How to Lower FSH Levels During Pregnancy

There are Various Conditions that can reduce FSH Levels During Pregnancy; these may Include:

  • A dip caused by Hypothalamus disorder in your FSH levels
  • FSH levels can be lowered extensively by anorexia nervosa condition.
  • In the pituitary glands, any disorder can lower your FSH levels remarkably.

Does Level of FSH Indicates Menopause

High FSH levels are an indication of one getting into menopause stage. This stage can be detected when a woman has the irregular menstrual cycle, or she has not received her monthly periods at all.

Normal FSH Levels in Early Pregnancy

The ideal FSH level during pregnancy is 2mlU/ml, but as the pregnancy progresses the level keeps on fluctuating since the body still is changing so it varies from 3mlU/ml to 10mlU/ml

FSH Levels And Pregnancy Rates

The normal FSH level to getting pregnancy or hoping to be pregnant is typically below 10mlU/ml. Pregnancy rates have varied FSH levels, and also the levels fluctuate as the pregnancy progresses.


Knowing your FSH level either in pregnancy or in your life is a crucial thing one has to do. It will help you understand your fertility and also can help you understand your hormones well. During pregnancy understanding, all the FSH levels will be of great help since it may tell which stage you are in and what you are supposed to do.

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Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad

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