High Globulin in Liver Function Test – Causes And Remedies

High Globulin in Liver Function Test – Causes And Remedies

Globulins are a collection of proteins in your blood serum. They are grouped into four

  1. Gamma Globulins
  2. Beta Globulins
  3. Alpha-1 Globulins
  4. Alpha-2 Globulins

Gamma globulins are associated with the proper functioning of your immune system. Beta globulins are involved in hormone transport. Alpha globulins are mainly associated with the ability of blood to clot.

Liver function tests are a set of blood tests that highlight more data on the status of a patient’s liver. The tests assist medical professionals to detect the extent of your liver damage. The test measure blood samples levels of certain enzymes and proteins. Enzymes assist chemical reactions to occur in your body. This article looks at high globulin levels, what causes high globulin in liver function test, symptoms, and remedies for high globulin levels in your body.

High Globulin in Liver Function Test

The Liver function test measures the amounts of protein types in your blood serum. There are two types of proteins in your body that is Globulin and Albumin. The liver function test measures the amount of protein in your body especially the amount of albumin and globulin. Albumin proteins assist your blood vessels not to leak any fluids. Globulin protein, on the other hand, plays a key role to boost your immune system.

What Happens If Globulin Is High

It is recommended to keep check of your globulin levels occasionally with your medical care provider. A high concentration of globulin in your body is bad for your health. In case of a serum globulin high level, your body may have;

  • Chronic Inflammation: This is the reaction of your body to specific things that are allergic. Damages suffered by your body cannot be repaired without inflammation. This condition slows the healing process of your body tissues.
  • Leukemia: This is a blood cancer thought to be lung cancer. Leukemia occurs when there is a high white blood cells production in your body.
  • Autoimmunity: This causes your immune system to dysfunction. Your immune system starts attacking itself and does not recognize threats that may cause harm to your body. With a weak immune system, the body cannot protect itself from diseases and infections.
  • Development of Carcinoid Syndrome: This disorder brings more complications like flushing and diarrhea.

What Causes High Globulin in Liver?

Patients often ask their medical care providers what does high globulin in liver function test result from. High globulin levels may arise due to blood diseases such as leukemia, multiple myeloma, hemolytic anemia, Hodgkin’s lymphoma or macroglobulinemia. Other common conditions that may lead to high globulin levels being noted in the liver function test include

  • Tuberculosis, kidney disease, autoimmune disease, Carcinoid syndrome, bone marrow disorder and liver disease may cause your globulin levels to be high.
  • Pregnancy – in case you are expecting, you will need additional checkups to identify the disorders you are suffering from.
  • Dehydration: It is highly recommended to drink lots of water before undertaking the test to get accurate results.

When your protein level is low, chances are you are suffering from a liver or kidney problem. If you have high protein levels, you are suffering from a gastrointestinal disorder. The low or high albumin globulin ratio is important information to your healthcare provider. The level assists in the identification of the specific disorder that you are ailing from.

High Globulin Levels Symptoms

Your doctor may instruct you to undertake a globulin test as part of your health check or when analyzing a particular condition. High levels of either albumin or globulin indicate high protein levels. You could also go for the liver function test if you have the following symptoms:

  • Build up of fluids in your legs, feet, and abdomen
  • Burning sensation of the skin
  • Persistent fatigue and weakness
  • Vomiting and Nausea
  • Myeloma, Amyloidosis and night sweating
  • Yellowing of the eyes and skin, a condition referred to as Jaundice
  • Confusion and dizziness
  • Vision problems
  • Tingling and numbness in muscles

Globulin Levels (Normal, Low, High)

Normal globulin levels range from 2.6 to 2.8 grams per deciliter. For alpha globulins, the optimal range is 0.2 to 0.3 grams per liter of blood. A range of 0.7 to 1.0 grams in every liter of blood is the optimal range for beta globulins. These ranges may vary according to various factors including gender, test method, population, laboratory, and age.

High protein levels may indicate bone marrow disorders, infections and inflammations such as HIV and Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C. Low globulin levels affect the effectiveness of medication for ulcerative colitis. The low levels also bring complications in pre and post surgery situations.

After a liver function test, the amount of albumin is divided by the amount of globulin to get the Albumin/Globulin ratio. A ratio ranging from 1.7 to 2.2 is the ideal. A low ratio suggests liver disease. A high ratio indicates low globulin, or high amounts of glucocorticoids, or suppressed thyroid function.

How to Reduce High Globulin Levels In Blood

It is important to have your liver function test results explained to you in depth by your doctor or medical service provider. The doctor will also guide you on how to lower globulin levels. You will need to avoid foods high in protein content. The following foods are excellent in reducing high globulin levels in the blood.

  • Vegetables and fruits: Fruits and vegetables should be a major part of your diet.
  • Nuts: almonds, walnuts, and cashews are high calorie rich diet components with low protein content.
  • Healthy Fats: fruits cannot supplement the daily calories needed to sustain your body. Healthy fats have low protein content and compensate your need for calories.
  • Supplements and Medication
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